Author Topic: Islam Promotes Balanced Approach of Materialism and Spirituality  (Read 441 times)

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Currently technology has completely changed our life. All fields of life like administration, economic, medical science, engineering, agriculture and so on are futile without technology. Advent of advanced technology has reduced human efforts and saved time and energy on one hand and on the other hand it has triggered a series of alterations and has modified values, ideas and concepts. These things have made people worried about their grasping wants and wishes which lacks spiritual and ethical values and concepts. People’s ideas revolve around money. Luxury styles, advanced lifestyle. And Islam neglects it which can be seen during Umrah via December Umrah Packages

Wherever information and expansion in the arenas of industrial, health, roving, and housing have produced compassion, at same period we are moving misplaced from usual charm and obligation allocated by Allah. This rapacious method has requested numerous social corruptions and evil performs like deceitfulness, corruption, fraud, duplicitous in order to achieve wants of materialistic hungers. Everyone seems in race to defeat other in the competition of experienced needs and charms. Consequently, they are fronting intellectual and spiritual glitches like prevention, uneasiness, stress, and sadness. Islam also couriers about this procedure. Islam is not in inconsistency of growth of acquisitiveness belongings and doings of physical necessities but it also approves that one must see his experienced basics principal. Thus when we move towards holy cities like Makkah and Medina through different deals like Umrah in December.