Author Topic: Turn to Allah he is never far away  (Read 381 times)


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Turn to Allah he is never far away
« on: February 06, 2017, 07:59:16 AM »
It’s never too late for us to realize your mistake and what have you done till yet. The chance to repent upon your mistakes still remains till your last breath. You should never lose hope and always remember the kindness of Allah (SWT).
In our daily lives, there are a lot of events happen near around and some of them really have great important for us. It’s a matter of our interests. Some people want to live their lives in a simple way while others want to live in a lavish style. Some have good opportunities and fly like an eagle. But some always struggle in their lives and hardly make their food of two times. Its shows the greatness of Allah in all that we see, feel, hear, touch and smell but we don’t realize the importance of these things. The importance of sight should be asking to them who are blind. Their life is colorless and they cannot see the beauty around them.
We don’t realize what we are blessed in this whole universe. If we vigilantly visit the whole world and observe the marvelous things, then we realize how much we are blessed by Allah (SWT).in our Holy book, it has been delivered to us that if you will count the blessings of Allah (SWT) you will unable to count them. The verses of Quran mentioned that it never been too late to regret and to seek the forgiveness to Allah Almighty.
The forgiveness is really one of the great Blessing of Allah (SWT). If you make one step closer towards your creator you will find you creator ten steps closer. It’s important that you should not have the element of hypocrisy. You must acknowledge your mistakes through the real heart and then toward your forgiveness. your heart and your intention are just to seek the forgiveness of Allah Almighty(SWT). Therefore, thousands of people visit the masjid Al-haram to perform Umrah and Hajj. Therefore, we are providing the best Umrah Packages for Muslims Community from Manchester, England. Let’s make struggle towards our eternal forgiveness because he is never far away.