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Marcos Rojo Manchester United Jersey
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Enrich Your Life With Collie Puppies For Sale In PA » Submit Content Online | Free Article Directory | Add Articles Tweet
If you’re looking for a pet Memphis Depay Manchester United Jersey , there’s nothing like a new dog. The right type of dog will be an asset to the family, working as watchdog but also as a playmate for the kids and a companion for older family members. It’s usually good to get a puppy which you can train right from the start to get along with everyone in the household, including the cat. On America’s East Coast you may want to consider one of the collie puppies for sale in PA.

The collie is a famous type of herding dog. It originally came from the British Isles, where it was used especially to herd sheep. This is why many people refer to the type of dog as a sheepdog. However, the dogs were also used as cattle drovers, especially in Scotland and the northern parts of England.

There isn’t just one collie breed but several types that belong to this family of dogs. In the British Isles there are for instance the Shetland sheepdog, the Welsh sheepdog, the old English sheepdog and the popular border collie with its black and white coat. Australian varieties include the Australian cattle dog and the kelpie. In New Zealand there is the New Zealand eye dog and the USA has the McNab shepherd.

Queen Victoria is said to have loved collies. President Lyndon Johnson did too and had a dog named Blanco. However, the most famous of all the collies in history was probably Lassie Matteo Darmian Manchester United Jersey , the title character of many a film and television series.

The type of dog that Lassie was is called the rough or long-haired collie. Like Lassie, these dogs are usually a mix of browns and white. However, there are also mottled gray varieties. They have a face similar to that of a wolf and they have luxurious long hair.

If you’re wondering what collies are like, simply think of Lassie’s personality. Like Lassie, most collies are incredibly loyal and intelligent. They’re good with children and they learn very quickly. Some collies, especially border collies, have lots of energy and stamina and do best if they can live an active life, such as on a farm.

Collies are very easy to care for. In spite of their thick and long coat, you only need to brush them once a week or so. However Marouane Fellaini Manchester United Jersey , you may need to do this more often during certain times of year when the dogs start shedding. They’re very clean animals too. However, they do need regular walks, at least once a day, to help them stay fit and burn off excess energy.

In PA you can look for collies online or in the classifieds. If you want to be sure to get your puppy from a reputable breeder, however, it’s best to contact a formal breeders’ association such as the American Kennel Club. This is especially important if you want a pedigree dog for show purposes. If you simply want to expand your family with a new dog, another option is to contact your local rescue shelter and find out if there are any collie-type dogs looking for a loving home.

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