Author Topic: Lindelöf becomes Manchester United’s history the most expensive defender  (Read 167 times)


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Premiership giants Manchester United club announced in the official website of the first new aid this summer to join, the Swedish kaufe fifa 17 coins pc Zhongwei Lindelov officially joined the Red Devils, the two sides signed four years, as well as a year of renewal terms. British media authority BBC pointed out that Linde Luofu transfer fee of 3100 pounds, which makes him beyond Ferdinand become Manchester United history of the most expensive guard. As Ibrahimovic's Swedish fellow, Linde Luofu joined Manchester United to persuade Mourinho left Ibrahimovic.
4 days ago, Manchester United has announced on the official website and Benfica has reached an agreement, Linde Luofu joined Manchester United is only a matter of time. After a series of procedures and physical examination, Lindelov today finally officially put Manchester United array. Manchester United official website said: "We are pleased to announce the introduction of Lindoff from Benfica, he and the team signed four years, the contract in July 1, 2017 officially began." Next month, Lindeloff will follow Manchester United Went to the United States to participate in the preseason.
For Lindeloff, Mourinho's evaluation is high: "He is a genius-like young man, his prospects in Manchester United is very bright. The team's performance last season that we need to enhance the lineup thickness, very happy, forest Drouve is the first player to join us this summer.I believe that all of our players are welcome to his arrival. "Join Manchester United such a super giants to Linde Luofu very excited:" I am very pleased to come to Manchester United At Benfica, I spent a good time and learned a lot.I am looking forward to playing for Mou Shuai, looking forward to the Premier League, I can not wait to come to Manchester United, I want to help the team win the championship.
Lindelov revealed that the existence of Ibrahimovic is his important reason to join Manchester United, he hoped that Manchester United can leave the super Feng Pa. "Really, the feeling of playing around Ibrahimovic is really great." Lindorov said in an interview with Manchester United radio. Manchester United has announced that Ibrahimovic will leave the team this summer, but Ibrahimovic will stay in Manchester United to recover until healed, there is news that Manchester United will be based on Ibrahimovic's recovery to decide whether to give him a short-term contract.
Lindeloff is a 90, was born in July 1994, height 1 meter 87, defensive technology comprehensive. In 2011, he moved from the Russian domestic Vasteras to Benfica, 2013, staged a team debut. In the four years of Benfica's team, Lindrof played 73 times (47 appearances last season, 45 of them), helped the team win three league titles, two Portuguese Cup titles, one Portuguese League Cup and 1 Portuguese Super Bowl. National team, Lindeloff has played 12 times for the country, and participated in the European Cup last summer.
Lindelov's passing ability is strong. Last season, the Portuguese Super League, only two players pass more than Linde Lloyd. In addition, his passing pass rate last season as high as 90%. Lindeloff's assists and free kicks are also very strong, beste seite um pc fifa coins zu kaufen somewhat similar to Chelsea's Marcos Alonso. However, Lindelov in the game is not good at tackling, this may be one of his weakness.