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ultrafine mill which points need attention
« on: August 11, 2017, 10:40:26 AM »
Mine mining in the ultrafine grinding after the amount of waste rock is huge, for the waste of these abandoned work must be long-term view, not only benefit the immediate interests. ultrafine mill after the waste rock to a special discharge to the dedicated waste rock sites, or other means to its recycling, so as not to cause waste of resources.

Usually equipment mining time, the need to break the intensity is great, once the long-term work after the ultrafine mill may be a variety of failures, then you need to do the equipment maintenance work. Once the fault should be promptly shut down for processing, the fault can be reopened before the boot. Shanghai ultrafine mill equipment bearings need to regularly check regularly, in a timely manner to add lubricants, replace the pollution of oil, to ensure the efficient operation of equipment. At the same time for the loosening of the screws to tighten in time to ensure the safety of production.

ultrafine mill in the use of the process need to pay attention to a lot of things, the above is just the introduction of the most common note, hoping to give the attention of the operator. Only in strict accordance with the production requirements to operate the Shanghai ultrafine mill, good equipment maintenance measures, to ensure the efficient operation of equipment to protect the company's largest production efficiency, to the development and expansion of enterprises to bring unprecedented power support.