Author Topic: Raymond mill working principle of comprehensive analysis technology  (Read 108 times)


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Natural minerals can not directly into the inner of Raymond Mill powder directly, and need supporting equipment of raw ore. The whole work system of raymond mill machine, blower, including analysis of machine crusher (separator), plumbing, finished cyclone separator, bucket elevator, electromagnetic vibration feeder, electric motor, the bulk materials by jaw crusher to the desired size, by the elevator will be sent to the storage of materials hopper, vibrating feeder evenly and quantitatively by continuously into the indoor host grinding grinding, grinding powder by the airflow of the blower. Through the analysis of machine grading, accord with the fineness of powder with the gas flowing through the pipeline into the large cyclone collector, were isolated and collected, and then by pollen tube discharge is finished powder. Air from the large cyclone collector inhalation top return air duct blower. The air current of the whole system is a closed loop, and circulation in the flow of positive and negative pressure condition.
Raymond mill machine consists of frame, roll grinding, grinding ring, blade, inlet volute casing, and the motor. Through the structure of our first look at its host is how it works: Raymond mill machine working process is driven by a driving device center shaft, shaft is connected with a quincunx, frame is provided with a grinding roller and the formation of the swing fulcrum, grinding roll around the ring at the same time of the revolution, the roller itself because of the friction effect and rotation. The lower end is provided with a blade frame system, its location is in the lower end of the grinding roller, roller blade and the same in the process of the material shoveling throwing feed grinding roller and grinding ring, the formation of litter layer, the layer of centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the grinding roll out (or pressure) will crush the materials, from which the the purpose of milling.
In the grinding chamber internal by grinding material with certain water content, the grinding heat generated during grinding to indoor gas evaporation changes the gas flow, and the pipeline connection is not tight outside the gas is inhaled, the circulating air volume increased, leading to mill flour and even less of the blasting machine, milling, the European version of the ladder type machine of the utility model has been set up in the upper part of the machine body with explosion-proof measures, can avoid the accident, the explosion of Raymond Mill maximum at the same time, it also can be adjusted by the fan and the air pipe between hosts to achieve flow balance, and the gas into the small cyclone collector excess, the fine powder of more than gas into the collection, then the cyclone collector exhaust pipe into the upper atmosphere, or into the dust collector in the exhaust gas purification, however, requirements for the operation of the technical staff is relatively high, and the need to find and adjust.
Analysis of machine (separator) through the motor and the reducer drives the two turntable rotation of 60 blades, the formation of sub grade powder. Blade speed according to the finished powder particle size adjusted. If you want to get more fine-grained powder son, should improve the blade speed (with at the same time should also pay attention to fan speed), the leaf and powder increased contact undesirable, the particles will be thrown to the wall and the airflow from the center, coarse powder by self gravity fall into the grinding chamber for heavy grinding, refined the standard particles with the air inhaled by the blade large cyclone collector, the effect of powder is set, after the separation of gas and particles, particles are collected.