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Adam Henrique Jersey
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Learn more about laser toenail fungus treatment in Roslyn and what it entails.

It’s summertime. It’s a time to enjoy sporting those fun new sandals or flip-flops. Unfortunately Michael Grabner Rangers Jersey , this might not be as exciting for someone Toenail Fungus dealing with an embarrassing toenail fungus. Toenail fungus can turn the nail yellow, making it unpleasant to walk around in even the best summer shoes. If you are ready to get rid of pesky toenail fungus in Roslyn then find out how we can help with Pinpointe Footlaser.

How does Pinpointe FootLaser treat toenail fungus?

This state-of-the-art laser is directed at the infected toenail. As the laser beam passes through the nail it targets and kills the toenail fungus while leaving the nail and healthy surrounding skin untouched.

What should I expect when I get laser treatment in Roslyn for my toenail fungus?

The first step to eliminating your toenail fungus is to see your Roslyn podiatrist for a consultation. During your consultation we will examine your toenail and discuss how the procedure will be performed and whether or not you will require follow-up visits.

Does laser toenail fungus treatment hurt?

Most patients describe laser treatment as completely painless. Some may experience a warming sensation or the feeling of a small pinprick Antti Raanta Rangers Jersey , but you won’t require anesthesia or pain medication prior to your visit.

Will my toenail be instantly clear after treatment?

While the laser kills fungus right away, it will take several months for your toenail to grow out and become clear again.

Will my toenail fungus return?

While the Pinpointe FootLaser is effective at getting rid of your toenail fungus Jimmy Vesey Rangers Jersey , this doesn’t mean that it will prevent you from getting another infection in the future. After all, fungus is all around us Oscar Lindberg Rangers Jersey , and it’s possible to be re-infected. If this is the case you may need to require another laser treatment.

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