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How to carry out the full grinding work
« on: September 14, 2017, 07:59:45 AM »

ultrafine milling machine, such machinery and equipment in the use of the process, there will always be more or less, or large or small problems occur, so that users occasionally come to headache brain heat. Immediately into the heat of the time, Shanghai SBM today for you to solve the ultrafine mill how to fully grinding the work of this problem:
Whether it is already invested or is expected to invest in the customer, all know a complete ultrafine milling machine production line, its reasonable configuration will have a strong force in the work of grinding, according to a certain Of the grinding ratio to carry out, which, the number of materials, how much power regulation, fineness of the number of production, will have no small impact. Then we all know how to match the ratio, in order to allow ultrafine milling machine at work to play a higher level of it?
The increase in the amount of feed to the ultrafine mill and the processing of the grinding chamber has a great impact on its working efficiency. Before we pay close attention to the loading of ultrafine milling machine, neither too much nor too little. The amount of input is too small, the output value will be reduced accordingly, the production value on the do not; too much material, the remaining space inside the cylinder, grinding the impact of the body to reduce the equipment prone to minor problems.
Secondly, in the grinding process of ultrafine milling machine, we have to match the power ratio with the appropriate proportion. Production power and mill running ratio should be appropriate, if the power is too small material dispersion is poor, the grinding body of the movement resistance increases, the grinding effect is not achieved. On the contrary, the power is too small, indirectly increase the direct impact between the grinding body, so that the loss of energy, increasing the grinding of each other wear. So in order to allow ultrafine milling machine material clearance, we will generally in strict accordance with the proportion to carry out. But also in strict accordance with the proportion to carry out, so that both improve the efficiency, but also to ensure that the mill is not subject to excessive wear and tear.
At the same time, here to introduce the ultrafine mill configuration in the "a dark horse" - quality liner. Lining is the safety factor that can improve the operation of the mill. ultrafine milling machine in the grinding process, it is inevitable mixed with hard materials, if the material hardness is too large, then the mill itself is a hazard, serious Of the time, will have an impact on the wear and tear of the mill itself.
Therefore, for the purpose of protecting the ultrafine milling machine, we have to experiment, improve the quality of liner, thereby enhancing the safety factor. Why install linings? In fact, the reason is very simple. Because the thickness of the liner than the ultrafine milling machine combined with two, can effectively avoid the relatively hard materials on the ultrafine milling machine hazards, but also to ensure the production of life, with a liner, you need not Worry, and be as safe as possible.