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nike air more uptempo white gum
« on: October 11, 2017, 08:56:24 AM »

The nike air more uptempo white gum is an insanely popular basketball sneaker that debuted originally in 1996. Over time they have developed a cult-like following and have become really big sellers. The main thing that sparked off the iconic creps was the bold “AIR” lettering on the flanks. It was designed by Wilson Smith who's aim for the sneaker was simple, “How can we just let the world know and express it as well as we can?” and he figured it out, by brandishing AIR from the heel to toe emphasising the air unit in the heel. He even drew inspiration from oversized objects such as graffiti and pop art which was the trend for the times, it doesn't follow the premise that less is more, not at all, because more is definitely more isn't it, the Nike Air More Uptempo took branding.

Joe Montana had Jerry Rice, Batman had Robin, and Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen. One of the greatest sidekicks to ever play professional sports, Pippen also made his mark with the kicks he wore on the court. This summer to celebrate Pippen, Nike is dropping the nike air more uptempo blue white "Scottie Pippen." This highly sought after retro model features a white, red and black colorway, signature "AIR" lettering on the side panels, and Pippen's "PIP" logo on the heel. With the recent release of the Uptempo "Supreme" and now this Pippen PE colorway, 2017 is definitely a good time for Nike Air More Uptempo fans.

The success of the nike air more uptempo yellow womens is owed to basketball legend, Scottie Pippen. 1996 is when the Uptempo made its debut with an ad of Pippen large and in charge rocking them. During this time there were many other popular sneakers out but the Uptempo was special. The oversized AIR logo stood out. The Uptempo is a bold and over built sneaker, Scottie Pippen referred to it as the “graffiti basketball shoe”.

Now typically when you think of what to wear with nike air more uptempo pink and black its activewear, such as joggers or shorts, with bold all-over prints, they style swings towards heavy streetwear style. We want to go against the grain as you can go online and find generic photos of how to wear them like that, we want to take a minimal, more mature approach and treat them with respect.


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Re: nike air more uptempo white gum
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