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reasonable operation sequence of vertical roller mill
« on: November 14, 2017, 04:20:45 AM »
In the cement plant, chemical industry, mining industry and other easy to see vertical milling machine production. In the production, its performance has conquered people's heart, in the production, its output is big, the production effect is good, has brought the very big help to the people's production.

In reality, many people do not really understand the vertical roller mill operation correctly, so the vertical roller mill will not have a good yield. So, for our production activities, for our production easier to carry out, we have to be responsible for its production, so we should pay attention to his use.

In the vertical roller mill before the start, the staff should do the inspection work, should check all the maintenance doors are closed tightly, check the mill set is in accordance with the feed size, adjust the speed of the machine should be required to approximate analysis of product size. After comparison, start the machine in order. Two according to the correct operation order given by the manufacturer to start the operation of flour mill, in order to avoid accidents. When the vertical roller mill is shut down, the machine should be closed in the following order: first, the feeder is stopped and the feeding is stopped; the host is stopped after about two minutes; the remaining powder is stopped; the blower is closed; the mill is closed. This shutdown order ensures that his production is protected.

In the vertical roller mill in normal work, not allowed to refuel at random, to ensure production safety. If any abnormal noise occurs in any part of the mill, or the load suddenly increases, the machine should be checked immediately, and the trouble can be eliminated so as to avoid major accidents. When the machine is switched on, the residual material in the mill must be taken out, otherwise the current will be too large when the power is switched on. In order to ensure the effectiveness of his use, we must also be responsible for its production, maintenance of it, reasonable maintenance is very important. So, two users can not relax. When the maintenance, but also in accordance with the requirements, not careless. This is responsible for the safe use of the flour mill. vertical roller mill user friends in the operation of vertical roller mill, two must pay attention to the above matters needing attention, to your production activities to protect. Make your production more meaningful.