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Pandora precios charms is populor
« on: December 07, 2017, 04:31:47 AM »

My first styling features a healthy dash of orange, for extra Tiggerishness! This is one of my works in progress, which mixes the bright Tropical Flowers murano with the softer Field of Daisies – Tigger slotted in perfectly! The flower he’s holding matches nicely with the floral muranos. The Tropical Flowers murano is cropping up a lot in sales at the moment, and it’s just gorgeous – I’d definitely advise picking one up if you haven’t already! The pandora charms disney collection is also very coppery in hue, and adds to the overall orangey Tigger effect.

Finally, this is how I’m actually wearing Tigger: on my pink oxidized floral bracelet. I already had Eeyore on there, and you can see the logic for making both Piglet and Tigger match Eeyore in colour scheme: pandora precios charms fit in with him and my existing colour scheme perfectly, whereas the yellow-and-red enamel Pooh charm would be trickier. It’s nice that my Eeyore bead now has some company.

Putting Eeyore and Tigger side by side really shows off pandora joyas shift to making charms less oxidized these days. Tigger is so much shinier and smoother looking than Eeyore; he’s actually quite different in style. Eeyore’s features are raised and polished, set against an oxidized face, whereas Tigger’s are inset and filled in with oxidation in a much finer way – this does seem to have allowed Pandora a greater accuracy when it comes to making his features look just like the actual cartoon character. His face is spot on! I remember saying that I thought Eeyore was a tiny bead when he first came out in 2015, but Tigger feels even smaller.

I love all the detailing on his face in particular; it’s just so cute and well done! Even his ears, tiny as they are, show the attention to detail that pandora disney 2017 have historically employed when making their animal beads – they’re indented and oxidised, and I didn’t even notice that until I was looking through these photos! The pink flower makes him a little less versatile when it comes to styling; while his flower is technically the same shade as Eeyore’s bow (EN80), it’s bigger, making it a bit bolder and more noticeable. Of course, I love pink so I can’t say that I personally mind this little detail at all.

The pandora anillos precios releases are always some of my most anticipated, as it’s where you’re most likely to see the most interesting and character-based designs from Pandora these days. Tigger, for me, is a delight – the detailing on his face is scrupulously observed and very true to the Disney original, and the old-school Pandora oxidised stripes on his back are also beautifully done. My only reservations are the size/lightness of the bead compared to other Pandora animals, and that his pose could have been a little more Tigger-y. But, all in all, I’m thrilled with him!