Author Topic: How to determine the strength of ultrafine mill  (Read 128 times)


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How to determine the strength of ultrafine mill
« on: January 12, 2018, 03:58:38 AM »
To measure the strength of ultrafine mill strength, to their own production base for site investigation, the general strength of the regular manufacturers are set research and development production and sales as one, will have their own formal plant, and those family workshops Small factories, because of their long years of production experience and accumulated production, lack of technical strength, advanced processing equipment, no sound quality assurance system, and even workers often fluctuate, the strength can be imagined, so It is necessary to visit the actual venue.
 Second, to determine whether the stability of production
The stability of production can also be seen that the strength of manufacturers, production and stability of large enterprises producing ultrafine mill regardless of product or service are very secure, some small factories often because of lack of orders, limited funds, lack of manpower and other factors Of the restrictions on the production of open stop, the situation is very unstable, and even some small factories because there is no liquidity on hand, so can not be prepared in advance of raw materials, the need to wait until the customer settled payment, began to purchase raw materials, which the ultrafine powder Grinding equipment buyers are negative, so in the selection of manufacturers must determine whether the manufacturer's production is stable.