Author Topic: How to Reduce the Dust Pollution in Raymond Mill Production  (Read 59 times)


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How to Reduce the Dust Pollution in Raymond Mill Production
« on: January 13, 2018, 04:02:49 AM »

Raymond mill is one of the commonly used equipment in the mine grinding process, but for any powder equipment, dust pollution appears in the production process are inevitable phenomenon, which not only affects people's production and living environment, In the long run, the production efficiency of raymond mill will also be affected to a certain extent. So, how do we reduce the dust pollution in the process of using Raymond mill processing?
1, when the material is particularly dry, in order to reduce the excessive dusting in the milling process, you can shower at the entrance of Raymond mill properly. However, this method may exacerbate the clogging of bag filter bags and feeders.
2, the belt conveyor on the material handling process, will also form a certain degree of dust pollution, we can strengthen its sealing measures to reduce dust leakage.
3, Raymond mill grinding of materials in the milling, according to the nature of the material and the actual production, the air volume to be properly adjusted to prevent the fine powder particles under the action of the strong wind flying, resulting in the pollution of the working environment .
4, in order to prevent excessive dust, Raymond Mill will generally be equipped with the appropriate dust settings, bag filter is the more common way of dust removal. Note that when using the bag filter, the grid of air leakage is not to be overlooked details.
If the filter bag filter area selection is too small, the actual exhaust capacity is insufficient, the mill under the mouth of the dust cover and milling machine cavity is difficult to form a slight negative pressure, resulting in larger job dust environment. Therefore, it is very necessary to do routine maintenance on the bag filter.