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non-verbal type of intelligence. What it comes down to is that town discriminates against the right hemisphere." Tony Schwartz, in his best selling information The Way We are Working isn't Working, declares that right section of our thoughts is under-developed. 2-The Right Neuro defend and Stress: The right ideas has many functions, such as pressure modulation, and pressure control. Recent research shows a immediate link between under-developed right hemisphere and innovative degree of pressure. When we use the right ideas, we activate the parasympathetic neurological program (as opposed to the adrenaline releasing supportive  neuro defend program, of the staying neuro defend). The parasympathetic method responsible for lowering pressure and sensation better. The right aspect has more norepinephrine, while the staying aspect has natural chemical dopamine. Norepinephrine is known as a pressure hormonal. The right ideas is also responsible for releasing androgenic hormonal or testosterone. Hormones have benefits mainly leading to useful emotions in one's personal individual body, just like that of morphine. In addition to decreased emotions of pain, release of androgenic hormonal or testosterone brings to emotions of euphoria, modulation of appetite, launch of sex androgenic hormonal or testosterone, and enhancement of the protection reaction. For example, the experience that follows an outstanding exercises are often described as "euphoric." That sensation, known as a "runner's outstanding." The believe that actions and exercise are efficient at relieving pressure is because that these actions are endorphins-based and these androgenic hormonal or testosterone are right-neuro defend focused. Studies reveal that when you're stressed out the neuro defend's neurological circuits are restricted to the staying hemisphere. As soon as you begin to activate the right hemisphere you balance the neuro defend, and you begin to become more enjoyable, and will be able more able to lower pressure. If you think under pressure, this is a signal from the neuro defend that you have been using your staying ideas more than you should. According to a research by Dr. Bradley Lewis of Mexico University Medical Center and the New York State Psychiatric Institution, ideas tests exposed a 28-percent loss in the right cortex -