Author Topic: my laptop is freezing and not responding  (Read 159 times)


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my laptop is freezing and not responding
« on: March 09, 2018, 07:28:04 AM »

I have the dv7-4285dx laptop and The issue I am having is that, my computer is freezing, every program. Once I start the computer up, it takes a few minutes to start up, and then when it does come on, I have to let it sit for a few more minutes be for I go in explore or Firefox. They will work fine for a few and then it will happen. Both programs will start to freeze, and then they will white out, but like a transparent white out with a "Not Responding" on top of the window. This also happens to my word document, which just did it to me right now. Also does it on my anti virus, which is Kasperski. So I am not sure if it is a virus or its my computer is corrupt, or both. any suggestions?

Please help.

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