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By Thuso Khumalo

PRETORIA , Oct. 16 (Xinhua) -- The family of Reeva Steenkamp, who was shot dead by his boyfriend Oscar Pistorius through a locked bathroom door, wanted Pistorius to pay for what he did, a family member told the Pretoria High Court on Thursday.

Kim Martin , Reeva's cousin, said, "I really believe he needs to pay for what he has done. My family are not seeking revenge. We just feeling that if you take someone's life, shoot behind a door , an unarmed person, you need sufficient punishment."

Martin also revealed Reeva's family views on the defence's suggestion that Pistorius should be sentenced to house arrest and community service.

She said, "We need to send a message to the society. I don't think the suggested punishment will fit the crime."

Martin did not make it a secret how her family feels about Pistorius. "We even made a point not to mention his name in our house because we didn't want to spend any energy thinking of him," she said during her testimony.

Zach Modise , Acting National Commissioner for Correctional Services, was the second state witness to testify in aggravation of sentence.

He told the court that South African prisons are able to accommodate the needs of Pistorius as an amputee, if he is given a jail sentence.

"I said in Parliament (Wednesday) that the department is ready to take in people with disabilities in prison," Modise said during his testimony.

He added that a prisoner was allowed to bring in his medical assistance devices and was allowed to be seen by his private doctor.

Defence lawyer Barry Roux put it to Modise if he knew that there was a prison gang that had threatened to harm Pistorius after he shot his girlfriend.

Modise responded , "My lady, in our facilities in the country we have gangs that are operating and trying to take over the running of the centres. But I can assure this court that the Department of Correctional Services is dealing with the issue of gangsterism. We are doing that with the South African Police Service and our intelligence community."

Tampers also flared between defence lawyer Barry Roux and state prosecutor Gerrie Nel on Thursday. Nel was re-examining Modise when Roux jumped on his feet and said, "I think Mr. Nel must take the oath because he is giving evidence."

Nel hit back saying, "My Lady , I don't find that funny. I could make the same sarcastic remark, but I decided not to."

However, Roux later apologized and withdrew his comment when judge Thokozile Masipa raised her objection to it.

Pistorius was charged for murder after shooting his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through a locked bathroom door. However, Judge Thokozile Masipa found her guilty of capable homicide after accepting his explanation that he shot after thinking there was an intruder in his house.

Sentencing resumes on Friday.

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