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Chit Chat / Creation Can Boost the Rapid Development of One Enterprise
« on: February 27, 2019, 02:11:17 AM »

Deng Xiaoping said that the science and technology are the primary product forces, and we can continuously develop the new engineering machines by relying on the knowledge. The history of our national mining machinery is long while the technology is outdated, which cannot meet the requirement of our energy-saving society, so that is the reason why we need to continuously introduce the advanced technology and concept while innovating the traditional and outdated skills because we know that this is the only thing that we can do now if we want to success.

Ghana Gold Crusher could be seen in the following engineering projects such as the western development, the construction of the three gorges dams, the rapid development of the central plains, and the south-to-north water transfer project, so we can say that every project cannot get rid of the crushing equipment, but they just were being used in the ore dressing field. The large-size ores cannot be directly used in the ore dressing process, and only the small-sized ores can finish the classifying projects, so we need the crushers to process the large-size ores. The shortage of the natural sand can greatly boost the prospect of the sandstone aggregate because of its excellent advantages.

The industrial diversification is the best phenomenon of the modern economic situation, and more and more manufacturers also noticed that to occupy the market just by relying on several products is one difficult things after being influenced by the economic crisis, so that is the reason why they all paid much more attention to the diversification of the crushing equipment, and  mining machinery is not an exception.

Chit Chat / Comparison of Hammer Crusher
« on: February 26, 2019, 04:29:07 AM »

At present, in China’s market, iron ore is usually crushed by Jaw Crusher, and then re-crushed by tertiary hammer crusher. After being crushed with hammer crusher, crushed iron ore will be separated directly in a dry manner. In fact, this work mode causes waste of resources and cost, so today, the author would like to make a detailed explanation on the crushing mode of Jaw Crusher and hammer crusher.

In general, the concentrator uses open circuit design, there is no such device used to return the broken material into magnetic separator, for this reason, granularity of material cannot be controlled. In magnetic separation process, the specific part of the useful material is not allowed to be wasted.

Service life of hammer head of Construction Waste Crusher  is short, so it needs for periodic replacement. Integrated hammer head of hammer crusher does not provide enough impact velocity, so tertiary crushing capacity is limited. In addition, the structure of the beneficiation plant is reasonable, for this reason, hammer crusher cannot achieve good performance and low energy consumption of Jaw Crusher.

Jaw Crusher has the lowest power consumption and minimal wear and tear. In order to better crush the rock and ore, the crushing ability of Jaw Crusher must be fully exploited. However, mineral processing equipment only uses the Jaw Crusher for mainly crushing rock, and then send them to a tertiary crusher for crushing, thus increasing power consumption and wear of tertiary crushers.

Chit Chat / Selection Process of Vibrating Screen Configuration
« on: February 26, 2019, 02:31:51 AM »

As everyone knows, the Portable Crusher Manufacturers In Ghana  is the current domestic  vibrating screen machinery equipment to process materials that are  difficult to screen. The vibrating screen  is widely used in mining, coal, metallurgy, building materials,  refractory materials, light industry, chemical industry, medicine and  food industry, etc. Customers will choose different configuration  according to the actual situation when they buy the vibrating screen.  Then what matters should you pay to the selection process of of  vibrating configuration?

A The pros and cons and application scope of the sieve and receiving tray

Advantages: They avoid to discharge the material at edge directly and  collect the material towards the middle of screen cloth to improve the  screen accuracy.

Disadvantages: They increase the upper weight, reduce the transmitted  force of the vibrating screen and weaken the screening effect. If the  receiving tray cracks, the costs of after-sales will be increased.

Application Scope: The sieve and receiving tray apply to rotary  vibrating sieve less than 1000 whose diameter is small for special  screening requirements. At present, general screening is not combined  with receiving tray, because the height of the sieve is limited and the  receiving tray will make the material decline and block easily.

Chit Chat / Discharging Mouth of Jaw Crusher
« on: February 25, 2019, 10:22:15 AM »

Professionals engaging in the mining mechanical industry know that jaw crusher is a commonly-used coarse crushing machine in the crushing and screening and various kinds of stone and sand production lines and it has been widely used in many industries such as mining, building materials, chemistry and metallurgy. The China Stone Crushing Equipment manufactured by We has many advantages such as high crushing ratio, even particle granularity, high efficiency, environmental protection and convenient operation and maintenance and low investment cost.

As for the adjusting methods of the material discharging mouth of jaw crusher, We will give a brief explanation here according to more than twenty years of research and manufacturing experience. As we all know, the lining board of jaw crusher will constantly abrade with the using time, as a result of which, the size of the material discharging mouth will become large and the granularity of the final product will become coarse. For this reason, in order to gain product granularity conforming to the stipulated requirement, it is very necessary to adjust the size of the ore discharging mouth. The two main adjustment methods are listed below:

First, Put a group of gaskets between the back of the supporting seat of the back toggle plate and the back wall of the machine frame and adjust the rock discharging through increasing or decreasing the number of the gaskets and changing its thickness. This adjusting method is reliable and has compact structure so that large and medium-sized jaw crusher often uses this method to adjust the size of the ore discharging mouth.

Second, adjust the two wedges between the back seat of the toggle plate and the machine frame and this method is very suitable for the small-sized jaw crusher.

In addition, We also produces a series of high-quality crushing equipment such as cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher, impact crusher and sand maker. Among them, the cone crusher and hydraulic crusher have long been the best-selling products. For more technological information about the products, We will continue to resolve the questions of the customers and strive to make them feel relieved using our products.

Chit Chat / Analysis on the Energy Consumption of the Jaw Crusher
« on: February 25, 2019, 07:18:10 AM »

Nowadays´╝îalong with the mineral resources exploitation, ferrous metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy, light industry, chemical industry and mineral resources become increasingly depleted, extraction also will be a substantial increase in the amount of materials used in the building materials, bridge, road, dam but also the rapid increase. The first process makes the material processing - crushing operations is particularly important. According to incomplete statistics, the power consumption of the crushing operations accounted for more than half of the total electricity consumption of the concentrator. The national annual electricity consumption in crushing operations is in the 2 × 10 ^ 9kw.above. Therefore, the design and manufacture of energy saving, Ultrafine Mill  which can reduce the energy consumption of the jaw crusher material, is of great practical significance.

Red star heavy industry’ tips:

First of all, the macroscopic mechanical response is that with the increasing load, a variety of micro-cracks, micro-pore has continuous development, and thus forms a macroscopic crack, and eventually the fracture leads to material broken. Different in the crushing process, the evolution of a large number of micro-defects in materials with a certain degree of randomness and statistical differences in the evolution eventually will lead to the macroscopic mechanical response of materials, such as uneven local deformation, failure mode and undermine the morphological differences, and so on. The material deformation destruction of the complexity of the phenomenon illustrates that the evolution of the material of the internal variety of micro-defects on the macroscopic mechanical response of materials has great influence. The evolution of this micro-defect will inevitably consume some of the energy to form a new surface, resulting in the material deformation and failure process of energy dissipation.

Materials in the crushing process will produce the acoustic emission, it is essentially a flexible part of the conversion to elastic vibration energy, resulting in the propagation of sound waves in the material stored within the material. This transformation is closely related to the defect evolution in the material, especially accompanied by the generation of new defects will inevitably bring about the release of elastic energy, leading to the emergence of sound waves. Due to damping within the material, what the sound wave is propagation in the material will inevitably occur decay, resulting in some of the energy dissipated by heat or other forms. Thus, although the nature of acoustic emission is an energy conversion, because of the characteristics of the material internal organizational structure, this transformation will also cause the dissipation of energy, which is part of the elastic vibration resistance of the materials consumption dissipated.

Chit Chat / The Current Developing Situation of Roll Crusher
« on: January 25, 2019, 08:00:03 AM »

<p>The roll crusher is playing an important role in many industries like the cement making, chemical engineering, electricity, mining, metallurgy, construction materials, refractory matter and coalmines. For example, it can be used to make sand for the construction industry, to do fine crushing of the iron ore and quartzite in the mining industry, and to crush raw materials in the ceramics industry.</p>

<p>Especially for the mining industry, the Mobile Stone Crusher Machine in china  is applied to directly break raw coal through the steps of iron removal and impurity removal without cleaning the waste rocks. The crushed materials are all in good shape and proper size and the over crushing problem is completely avoided. The roll crusher is designed with simplified coal preparation technique which reduces the investment capital and the production cost.</p>
<p>Since the local governments all over the country start to concentrate on the mining industry and the mining machinery manufacturing industry, there is no doubt that the roll crusher will have a bright future for further development. However, in most areas in China, there are a lot of macadam plants and sand making production lines with simple equipment configuration and lagging production technology. Although the application of the roll crusher has made contribution to these enterprises, the disadvantages of the traditional roll crusher like unstable performance and high energy consumption still are confusing most manufacturers.</p>
<p>Many mining machinery companies are making efforts to improve the working efficiency of the roll crusher by introducing new technology. It&rsquo;s well known that the energy saving and emission reduction will be the definite developing trend for the roll crusher in the future.</p>

Chit Chat / Impact Crusher is the Optimal Limestone Crusher
« on: January 24, 2019, 04:11:21 AM »

<p>The limestone can be directly processed into stone and fired into the quicklime. Lime and the limestone are generally used as the building materials as well as the important raw material for many industrial lime productions. Most of the materials need crushing to create good conditions for the next process of pre-homogenization, storage, batching, grinding, drying and transport.</p>
<p>There are many factors affecting the crushing system of the materials. To correctly analyze and master a variety of factors is very important for the choice of economical and reasonable crushing system. Based on the experience, the impact crusher is the optimal limestone crusher for the processing of the limestone.</p>
<p>The crushing effect of the Ultrafine Mill on the limestone mainly includes the following process: the first step is the free crushing stage; the materials will bear the impact of the high-speed board hammer immediately as soon as they enter the crushing cavity. The collision between the materials and the friction between the board hammer and materials make the materials in the crushing cavity fully crushed. The second step is to make use of the high speed impact of the board hammer and the rebound effect of the counter plate to make the material stand the repeated impact to be crushed.</p>
<p>The limestone crusher developed by our company has strong e compressive strength, which can be up to 350 MPa. After being crushed, the materials are cube particles. Limestone crusher is featured with simple structure, unique counterattack lining, full-featured crushing function, high productivity, small mechanical wear. In addition, the particle size is adjustable, which can simplify the crushing process and reduce production costs. It is the preferred choice of the limestone and other materials of medium hardness.</p>

Chit Chat / Revolutions Start to Happen to Mining Machinery Industry
« on: January 23, 2019, 10:13:34 AM »

<p>In many industries such as energy exploration, transportation construction and raw materials production, the Ore Milling Equipment keep playing an incredible role as the main operating equipment and the material processing tools. The machinery manufacturers supply enough basic industrial products and energy to countless fields in the social development, which guarantees the health and rapid growth of the national economy. Therefore, it&rsquo;s acceptable that the mining machinery manufacturing industry works as the foundation of the Chinese independent industrial system and will be regarded as the key symbol of the country&rsquo;s strength.</p>

<p>Our company among so many competitors in China has never stopped trying new ideas of making innovation in the product and technology. We take the lead in the mining machinery field and have experienced two revolutions during the development of the company. For the first time, the product research and development is transformed from the imitating pattern to the independent innovative one; the second change comes when the economic operation turns from the extensive form to the efficient form.</p>
<p>Observing the developing mode of our company, we can easily find that the modern mining machinery such as crushers and grinders start to go the way of being upsized, intelligent and digital. Based on the market demand in China, our experts have made out the concrete plan for the future developing path. We do research and analysis on the foreign advanced technology, cooperate with the various research and development institutes at home and abroad and try our best to make innovation about our own products and services. We believe that following the global trend and adopting innovative ideas will help us win the market.</p>

Chit Chat / Five Factors Affect the Production of Jaw Crusher
« on: January 17, 2019, 07:19:08 AM »

<p>  This article is mainly about the key factors affect the production of Ghana Gold Crusher .  Generally speaking, there are a lot of factors affecting the production capacity  of jaw crusher, roughly speaking, five key factors. Now I will cover the five  key factors and offer some solutions for them.</p>

<p>  Material Humidity: When the  material humidity is higher, the material will adhere to the inner wall of jaw  crusher easily, meanwhile, the blocking will be caused easily during the process  of discharging and transportation, which will decrease the sand making  production of jaw crusher. In order to solve this problem, the material humidity  shall be controlled strictly. If the material humidity is higher, we can use the  method of sun exposure or air drying to decrease the material humidity.    Material Components: The finer the material is, the more difficult the sand  making process is, so it is easy for the fine material to influence the  transportation of jaw crusher. Therefore, for the finer material, it is better  to sift them in advance. Sifting the fine material out can avoid affecting the  normal operation of jaw crusher.  Material Hardness: The harder the material  is, the more difficult the crushing process is and the more serious the wear on  equipment is. so for hard material, the crusher will have low crushing speed and  ability.  Material Viscosity: The greater the viscosity of material is, the  easier the adhesion is. It is easy for the material with high viscosity to  adhere to the inner wall of jaw crusher. If not cleaned up in time, it will  affect the work efficiency of jaw crusher, even affect the normal operation of  jaw crusher. Therefore, it is better to choose the crushing material with low  viscosity.  Material Fineness: The higher the demand of fineness is (that is  to say, the thinner the material is), the smaller the crushing ability is.  Generally, it is set up depending on the specific requirement.</p>

Chit Chat / Attention of Sand Washer Selection
« on: December 27, 2018, 03:36:12 AM »

<p>Construction Waste Crusher , as a hydraulic ore beneficiation machine, is broadly applied in the battlefield, mixing plant and engineering construction. As the construction market puts more and more demands on the sand, sand washer is more and more applied. So, when you would like to buy sand washer, what should you notice especially when you are a green hand? Don&rsquo;t worry about these questions. Zenith is about to introduce you about each aspect you should notice:</p>
<p>First of all, the broad environment of sand washer. For example, the local resources policy, administration fees and overall relationship. After all, the sand is the national mineral resources, once the government forbids the sand exploitation, we will loss a lot.</p>
<p>Then, objective conditions of sand washer. For example, the resource and sales condition in the native or surrounding places. In addition, these factors such as the site, water and electricity and raw sand should be considered. Above all, the benefit is the most essential factor you should consider.</p>
<p>At last, the mode selection of sand washer. It is advisable for considering various aspects from the scale of plant, production quality controlling, price, after sales service and the feedback from old and new customers.</p>
<p>If you are worried how to choose the proper sand washer manufacturer, please don&rsquo;t miss this article. The machines such as sand washer, wheel bucket sand washer, sand maker and crusher gain much favors from national and abroad customers.</p>

Chit Chat / Jaw Crusher Promotes Sand Production Line to Develop
« on: December 24, 2018, 03:27:14 AM »

<p>The sand production line is relatively high in automation degree. The gravel  screened by screen is sent to Construction Waste Crusher  to be crushed again through belt  conveyor. The whole production line can satisfy the granularity requirements of  finished product.</p>

<p>Sand production line is made up of many machines with high efficiency and  stable operation. Among these machines, jaw crusher is one of the major  equipment used in sand production line. It is widely applied in mine,  metallurgy, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical  industry. Jaw crusher develops rapidly in sand production line and plays an  increasingly important role in the mining industry. According to different  workmanship requirements, Henan Zenith is one of the few manufacturers to  produce qualified products. If you would like to purchase mining machine, we  welcome all of you to visit our factory. Zenith Company lays much emphasis on  the quality and clients. We serve clients with the quality guideline of being  responsible for every working procedure, every product and every client. What we  have done is for the clients and we believe that quality is the best way to  develop market. All of the products have passed the authentication of  ISO9001.</p>

Chit Chat / Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder
« on: December 21, 2018, 07:37:05 AM »

Now electromagnetic exciter of domestic electromagnetic Construction Waste Crusher   mainly adopts slant configuration, and the main vibrating plate spring uses epoxy resin composite board whose manufacture is extensive and adjustment of the productivity is very inconvenient and time and labor consuming. Foreign electromagnetic vibrating feeder is exquisite and attractive in manufacture. The main vibrating plate spring adopts steel spring plate or epoxy resin composite board, and the electromagnetic exciter has small exciting gap, high exciting force and high productivity.

The main features of  electromagnetic vibrating feeder include:

1. Small size, light weight, simple structure, convenient installation. It has no running parts, so there is no need for lubrication, and the maintenance is very convenient and the running cost is low.

2. Materials in the feeding chute are continuously thrown up in the feeding process and jump forward along the track of a parabola, so that the abrasion of the feeding chute is small.

3. The chute made of alloy steel plate is suitable for conveying materials with high temperature, serious abrasion and corrosion.

The development modes of Chinese vibrating feeder include:

1. Vibrating feeder is reliable and durable, and has low maintenance workload and high production efficiency. In addition, it is convenient for automatic management.

2. Large equipment can improve the handling capacity of the machine, meet the production needs of high output, high efficiency and integration and realize the combination of microcomputer automatic control and monitoring technology.

3. The application range of the grizzly feeder is expanded to satisfy the transportation of different materials and reduce power consumption and noises.

Chit Chat / Teach you the way to test vibrating screen
« on: December 19, 2018, 12:00:49 PM »

Proper lubrication and protection plans, as well as bearing state detection work is the focus of the Construction Waste Crusher  bearing highest life. Sharp squeaking noise may be caused due to improper lubrication. Inappropriate vibratory screen bearing clearance can also cause a metallic sound. Dent bearing peripheral track will cause vibration, resulting in a smooth and crisp sound, if the percussion scars caused due to the installation, will also produce noise, this noise will vary with the level of bearing speed. If intermittent noise, then scroll Bo may be damaged, this sound occurs when damage to the surface is rolling out of date, and bearing if pollutants often cause a hissing sound, and serious damage to the bearings will have irregular and a huge noise.

Listen - one of the methods to check whether the vibrating screen is abnormal. We can use the hearing to recognize irregular operation of vibrating screen, such as through electronic auscultation to detect a particular part of the normal noise, which is an experienced operator often to use. If the bearing is in good running condition, vibrating screen will be issued a low hum sound, if issued a sharp hissing sound, squeaky sound, and other irregular sounds, usually shaking screen bearings are in adverse operating conditions.

If it has situation of tremendous noise, it's the time we must replace the bearing immediately. Therefore, a better way such as the use of electronic situation to test equipment, pre-diagnosis of the functioning of the vibratory screen bearings. Compared to the old method, the use of advanced instruments is a more accurate estimate of the vibrating screen bearings situation.

Regular maintenance makes the vibrating screen machine extend shaking life. Instead of using different methods to check out whether the screen equipment has problem, we can make prevention work as early as possible.

Chit Chat / General Trend of Mining Sector
« on: November 30, 2018, 07:27:45 AM »

<p>Environmental protection has always been pursued by people. While environmentally friendly crusher equipment is also ideal equipment of people. So, whether now or in the future, environmentally friendly equipment is most needed in industrial development, which also conforms to market demand. Environmental protection of mining equipment is important and necessary. In most cases, traditional mining equipment has a certain influence on environment when it is working, so to speak, environmental protection is a development direction as well as another way for mining equipment.</p>

<p>As an important enterprise of environmental protection industry, Zenith Machinery continuously introduces world advanced technology and new crushing concept in constant research and updating processes. Through constant research, Zenith Machinery has launched new type of crusher machine which gets good evaluation in industry. In today's society, economy develops so fast, so does the progress of science and technology, which is a good help for development of mining equipment such as impact crusher. Social development, increase of market demand and upgrading of crushing equipment have brought more opportunities to both crusher machines and crusher enterprises. Progress of impact crusher is an important embodiment of industrial development, which is also the premise for crushing equipment in China to enter international market.</p>
<p>Aggregate Crushing Machine is a promising device in mining machinery industry, which has made huge progress in constant development and progress. Improvement of crushing equipment is the core of industrial progress. The influence of Impact crusher in mining machinery industry is wider, so, progress of impact crusher will bring a big change to crusher market as well as a technical reformation to crusher industry.</p>

Chit Chat / Starting and Stopping Sequence of the Magnetic Separator
« on: November 27, 2018, 03:00:37 AM »

Crusher For Minings, as a kind of strong magnetic device, is widely applied in many industries. There are something worth our attention about the starting and stopping of the machine:

1. First, conduct a comprehensive inspection to the equipment before starting it and find the reason of last failure. If the equipment stops because there is something wrong with the machine itself, we should solve the malfunction first before restarting it. If there is nothing wrong with the machine, we should turn the transmission device several rounds by hand. If it turns flexibly and without being stuck, that means the transmission device is in good condition. If not, we should check the machine and solve the problem.

2. Be excited if the machine functions well. Pay attention not to excite it to the required degree at one time, instead we should improve it step by step. There are there prohibitions here: 1. Start the machine before feeding water. 2. Be excited before starting the machine. 3. Start the machine with load. We could feed materials when the machine and excitation function normally. Pay attention to that wood slag is not allowed in the cylinder. The materials should be smaller than the gap between gears. The strongly magnetic materials are not allowed to enter the machine. Feeding should be even and continuous.

3. The valves of all pipes should be open before starting the machine. Observe if water nozzle is jammed. Check the hydraulic pressure gauge and ensure that the pressure values meet the specified requirements. Then open cooling water pipe and all oil valves before the starting oil pump. After the starting of oil pump, check if the oil pressure is normal and if there is oil leakage phenomenon.

We can see from above, the sequence of starting is: overall checking &ndash; water feeding &ndash; starting lubricating oil pump - starting the coil cooling oil pump - starting the host &ndash; excitation &ndash; feeding ore. The machine stopping can be divided into two kinds: normal stopping and accidental stopping. River sand magnetic separator should be stopped after cleaning up materials inside. The stopping sequence is opposite to its starting sequence.

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