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cb|GeSHi-mod / Nike Air Force 1 Low CMFT Equality is available now
« on: June 16, 2019, 02:45:10 PM »
The "BETRUE" series featuring the rainbow element has officially met with you, and this time Nike released the "Equality" color for Air Force 1 and continued to express the brand's concept of equality. The Nike Air Force 1 Low CMFT Equality is made of high-quality leather. Air Force 1 Low CMFT low-tube body. Although the whole pair of shoes is only in black and white, it expresses the attitude through the "Equality" lettering of many different fonts arranged in the midsole.

2019 Mens Jordans,Taking the ride between sacai and UNDERCOVER, Nike brought back the OG gray-violet color of the classic running shoe Daybreak, and in addition, combined with the classic blue-red tone of another iconic shoe Cortez, inject it. On the design of the shoe body, it includes the side Swoosh Logo and the shoe label on the tongue. The material is filled with suede details. The shoes are full of retro flavor, and it is also a simple light color in spring and summer.

Two new cutting-edge units, WWWESH STUDIOTM and Heightened Sense, have teamed up to create a pair of highly exposed, unexposed shoes, and HYPEBEAST France has taken an exclusive shot to reveal the pair of classic shoes from the two brands, Nike Air Max Tn and Converse. Chuck Taylor's hybrid custom-made shoes! In the near-picture series, you can see the Nike Air Max Tn as the base of the overall body, but the two units will be built-in design by Converse Chuck Taylor, presenting a feeling of “shoes in the shoes” and highlighting the difference between the high and low shoes. Converse brand All Star Logo, and the front of the shoe also has the interlaced visual effect of black and white laces, and the logo of the two units is of course hidden in the details.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Buy Best Deal OFF-WHITE x Nike on Cadysneakers
« on: June 10, 2019, 01:48:39 AM »
OFF-WHITE x Nike Joint new products and new exposure! Following the debut of the OFF-WHITE 2019 Spring/Summer show last year, OFF-WHITE x Nike Vapor Street, as a member of the upcoming "Track and Field" theme, ushered in three new color matching tops, let us take a closer look ! Choose the new popular running shoes Vapor Street is a blueprint for design, blue, yellow and black. In addition to the flaps wrapped in flaps, the exaggerated Nike Swoosh adds a visual impact! The iconic OFF-WHITE font still appears on the inside of the shoe, and the exposed sponge tongue still exudes a strong deconstructing atmosphere, while the rubberized nailed outsole and unique lace system highlight the theme of the track and field. Exclusive identity!

2019 Cheap Jordan,Japanese fashion brand COMME des GARÇONS has always had a high reputation in the fashion circle. At the same time, with the cooperation of Nike for many years, CDG also has a very high popularity and attention in the sneaker circle. This year, the two sides have once again brought together COMME des GARÇONS x Nike Shox TL, and finally released the official map after the appearance of Fashion Week. The joint name is based on the Nike Shox TL, which was born in 2003. It is a combination of pure black and pure white. The iconic Shox cushioning penetrates the sole. The upper material is quite elegant, and the mesh fabric with the gauze design can provide good breathability, while the trimming design continues to understand the unique visual effects. The most eye-catching design is the large gold chain embellishment in the middle of the shoe body, and the luxurious exaggeration brings a very rich visual layering experience.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Today's deconstructed and integrated design shoes are getting more and more attention and love. The OFF-WHITE x Nike co-branded series is undoubtedly one of the most representative designs. Recently, a pair of new shoes Nike Drop Type LX first exposed the physical map, the overall look quite a bit OFF-WHITE joint feeling. The design combines the Nike classic shoe All Court with the Blazer to add more unique detailing. The overall color is mainly white, the details such as the tongue are added with bright colors, and the combination of various materials of the shoe body enhances the layering. At the same time, there is a handwritten code: N.354, the vintage design of the sponge tongue is printed with Swoosh, the overall style It looks more casual and stylish. Another highlight is the orange insole with a slogan inspired by the design of the shoe, indicating that the design of the pair is based on the 2001 Air Mowabb.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Shop Discount Supreme x Air Jordan 14 on Cadysneakers
« on: June 02, 2019, 03:15:13 PM »
Supreme's collaboration with Nike has long been commonplace for trend players. But the last time Supreme and Jordan joined hands, it can be traced back to 4 years ago. Together, the Supreme x Air Jordan 14 is based on the rare Air Jordan 14 and creates a pair of special shoes in black, blue and white. Among them, black and blue color, the shoe body is large black, with blue and silver midsole, the contrast effect is very bright. The studded upper reflects a strong locomotive style. The classic Supreme logo has been added to the classic classic flying man logo to highlight the unique co-branded identity. White and red is Supreme's iconic color combination, and the color scheme is brighter than black and blue. The black midsole will give the shoes a unique midsole silhouette, which will be more sharp and the street texture will be more intense. In general, the joint name will be very good in the shape and characteristics of these classic shoes. Very outstanding.

2019 Cheap Jordan,Full vamp 3M reflective Air Jordan shoes have always had a good popularity, dazzling reflective effect, and a full-featured everyday look, all unforgettable! This year, Jordan Brand brought three pairs of special 3M reflective shoes. This time includes Air Jordan 6, Air Jordan 7 and Air Jordan 8, these three pairs of shoes are Michael Jordan's first three consecutive championship boots. Air Jordan 7 is paired with a burgundy midsole with a turmeric Jumpan Logo to create a very high-quality upper. The Air Jordan 6 is made of silver 3M with black and red colors for a very simple upper design. Under the semi-transparent outsole, the unique shape of the shoes is vividly presented. The Air Jordan 8 is embellished with a signature camouflage brush on the body of the shoe, echoing the details of the tongue, midsole and more. The classic shoes are paired with outstanding values, and the effect on the feet is natural.

Jordans 2019 Shoes,UNDERCOVER and Nike have always maintained close cooperation. The high-end running shoes GYAKUSOU series created by both parties has won unanimous praise from many shoe fans. The UNDERCOVER x Nike Daybreak series, which we have reported many times before, will finally be available for sale this week. In the design of these two pairs of shoes, the fashion and functional style that Takahashi Shield is keen on is still carried out, and many innovative elements have been added to the retro Daybreak. The overall shape of the shoe body has a special silhouette, and the suede and silk material are spliced ​​together, which has both retro beauty and practical function. The exaggerated jagged heel makes the shoes extremely recognizable. Not only has the shoe shape been modified, but the overall temperament of the shoes has been enhanced, demonstrating the distinctive street temperament. The midsole is decorated with ink and embellished with the UNDERCOVER logo.

cb|GeSHi-mod / 2019 Nike Air Max 90 Be True Will Coming Soon
« on: May 27, 2019, 01:36:24 AM »
To commemorate Pride Month (Jewel Pride Month) in June each year, Nike will launch a special project called "Be True" to express its encouragement to the LGBTQ community's "stick to the true self" spirit, and have seen it appear earlier. After the Air Max 720, another pair of Nike Air Max 90 Be True was exposed on the network. The shoes are mainly black and white, and the colors of the "Rainbow Flag" are respectively injected into the upper, while the rainbow Swoosh, which is made up of 8 colors on the side, is the biggest highlight of the whole pair. It is reported that this year's "Be True" series will officially debut in June, in addition to Air max 720 and Air Max 90, there will be Pegasus 35 Turbo and Tailwind and other designs will debut.

2019 Cheap Jordan,Since 1997 Ray Allen has had a strong relationship with Jordan Brand. It is the only surrogate star in the league. When he was still playing Milwaukee Bucks in 2002, the brand created Ray Airen to create two Air Jordans. 7 Players qualify for the colors "Home" and "Away". To celebrate Ray Allen's career in the Hall of Fame and his glory last year, Jordan Brand created a new color scheme for Air Jordan 7, named after it. The Air Jordan 7 Ray Allen is designed with black as the main tone and infused with the purple-green embellishment of the Bucks. The upper is replaced with a matte leather instead of leather. The purple Purple Jumpman Logo on the outside and the purple-gray tone on the midsole are respectively The tribute to "Home" and "Away" mentioned above is sincere.

As early as May, YEEZY MAFIA has brought us the message of YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 Tephra, and as time approaches, this adidas also brings the complete official picture and establishes the detailed release information, from which we can see the full The shoes are made of different materials such as leather and mesh, and use a lot of earth tones, while injecting the iconic streamlined design. Finally, the rubber outsole is added to add detail and durability. The overall design style is like the name "volcanic debris". general.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Nike Air Edge 270 Draft Lottery is available now
« on: May 19, 2019, 02:52:39 PM »
Nike has always been a source of inspiration for hot events, and a new pair of Air Edge 270 shoe design elements has been drawn from the hot-selling NBA lottery draw. The Nike Air Edge 270 Draft Lottery is based on the legendary star Charles Barkley Boots CB 94, with an adjustable lace system and a comfortable lining. This color scheme is dominated by black and white, the heel cushion is blue, and the side of the shoe is black. The rear pattern shows an open envelope and the number 1 to 3 cards it has. The inner insole is printed with a lottery ball pattern.

2019 Mens Jordans,A-COLD-WALL* x Nike Air Force 1 After the launch of the series, there was no related action update. After waiting for more than a month, this week's attendant Samuel Ross finally ushered in a new look. In the recent release of the film, we can find the overall splicing structure of the leather and suede, and save the traditional lace hole, fix the feet with the cross lacing system, and use the punching to present Swoosh; It is also decorated with A-COLD-WALL* signature logo on the sides, tongue and insole.

Immediately after the earlier "LUNDMARK" beige color matching, the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 soon had a new color exposure. According to reliable source YEEZY MAFIA, the new color is called YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 SYNTH, and the whole shoe is equipped with pale pink. The color tone, at first glance, has a similarity to the previous "Clay" color scheme. This piece is also woven with Primeknit to create the upper, and the iconic translucent material strip on the side of the shoe is also missing.

cb|GeSHi-mod / 2019 YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 Vanta Will Release Soon
« on: May 13, 2019, 01:41:37 AM »
YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 Vanta after the first exposure of the shoes and the details of the rewards, this time is solebyjc and then revealed the latest foot preview for us, the whole shoes with suede and mesh and other different materials to create the upper, and streamlined The retro shape design is the line of the shoes, the color is all black base, the different levels are used to present the level of detail, and finally the black rubber outsole is echoed, and the 3M reflective material is the biggest highlight.

2019 Cheap Jordan has produced a lot of new colors, and Air Max 95 has added a new "Blue Fury". Nike Air Max 95 Blue Fury's wavy stripe upper from the heel to the toe, from sky blue to fire red, with a day to evening feel. The white outsole is filled with blue and red air cushion units, and the bright red Swoosh is dotted at the heel. Overall, it is a retro style that combines the urban style of the color, in line with the recent trend of wearing.

Recently, YEEZY information has been ushered in, and the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 in addition to the Black Soul color is very topical. Others such as "Glow In The Dark" 350 V2 and "Vanta" 700 V2 are also the focus of many shoes. Work. Then YEEZY MAFIA revealed that the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 ANTLIA color scheme for sale. As you can see from the picture, it is still a translucent, light-colored scratch on the outside, and is given a near-copper Primeknit woven material.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Buy Cheap Nike Air Max 95 Neon on Cadysneakers
« on: May 06, 2019, 02:14:26 PM »
You must remember the classic line "I used my Air Max for your BMW", and the protagonist of this sentence was the Nike Air Max 95 Neon color matching at the time. Recently, the well-known sneaker shop atmos also produced a new color matching Air Max 95, full of the first year color matching is both visual. The Air Max 95's signature wavy body is complemented by a gradient design from grey to black. The tongue and the middle of the body are embellished with fluorescent green to make this classic running shoe return. It is a pity that the most classic window air cushions are not dressed in fluorescent green. Although Nike has not re-enacted the first-year color of the Air Max 95, this new color can also be a great alternative.

Men Air Shoes,The Air Jordan 13 “Cap and Gown”, which was officially launched on the US official website on April 27, finally ushered in the sale of the country. The series, inspired by the caps and robes at the graduation ceremony, was launched in May last year with the Air Jordan 11 “Cap and Gown”, which has won unanimous praise. The Air Jordan 13 will not disappoint. The overall upper is made of reflective patent leather and suede material. It has a dazzling appearance and also guarantees the texture of the body. The noble and cold appearance style is worthy of the title of “Black Warrior”. The classic "cat's eye" on the upper has also been completely redesigned. It is not presented in a classic holographic manner. Instead, it overlays the Flying Man Logo and 23, and has a more layered texture that perfectly fits the design with the theme of "Graduation Ceremony". The lace detailing features a 3M reflective texture that echoes the reflective patent leather under the light. The sole is in the same blue crystal outsole as the Air Jordan 11 “Cap and Gown”, adding a dreamy aesthetic.

2019 Mens Jordans,Last year Harden won the regular season MVP, and adidas created the MVP exclusive color for this glory moment. This year's season awards have not yet been announced, adidas Harden Vol.3 MVP color matching has appeared in the network in advance. Compared to last year's gorgeous black gold theme, this year's design style has changed dramatically. It did not continue to show glory, but the theme of Harden’s performance. The shoes are mainly black, with red and yellow colors, and they are very rocky. The rear part of the shoe body is rendered with a yellow spray paint graffiti effect. The biohazard symbol and the warning line element suggest the performance of Harden's horror. The line arrow pattern seems to represent the European step-up layup for Harden's signature. The forefoot elastic band and the heel portion are in a red and silver alert line pattern. The insole is printed with a red MVP font that highlights a special theme. This year's MVP color matching, more able to show the strength of Harden, is undoubtedly a better interpretation of the award. The only question now is, can Harden be able to reconnect with MVP? let us wait and see.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Buy Nike Air Max 720 Midnight Navy Laser Orange
« on: May 06, 2019, 01:48:24 AM »
Nike's most popular shoes this year, the Air Max 720, has a new color scheme Nike Air Max 720 Midnight Navy Laser Orange . The dark blue upper with recyclable materials and the yellow-orange extra-thick air cushion create a low-key texture while adding exaggeration to the exaggerated deconstruction. color. The Nike Air Max 720 Midnight Navy/Laser Orange is now available at the BSTN online store for about $179.

YEEZY BOOST 700 V2 Vanta color after the first exposure at the end of March, immediately caused great concern, and after a long time, this time online there is finally a real shoes spy photos, from the photos shared by yankeekicks can see, all shoes with suede combined mesh The material creates a retro-inspired body with a sense of line. The overall black is the main tone, and the different levels are used to present the details. The 3M reflective details are also highlights.

At the beginning of last month, the breaking account YEEZY MAFIA updated the new information of YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 for the public, including a pair of fluorescent green and dark color matching. The same is made of Primeknit woven material and a translucent light color on the outside. The mark gives a new look and feel; along with the BOOSTTM midsole technology and rubber outsole, it provides excellent wear resistance, cushioning and responsiveness. After a month, everyone also grabbed the details of the shoes. YEEZY MAFIA also updated the status of the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2, which will be launched on June 8th. In addition to the adult size, it also includes children's wear and baby version. At the same time, the dark color matching YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 will bring a reflective version of the previous "Static", and will be the first to appear on June 7th.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Buy Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 on Cadysneakers
« on: April 30, 2019, 01:14:59 AM »
Recently, the popular running shoes Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 will soon launch seven color schemes to meet the needs of different color lovers. The upper is made of Flyknit woven material, which has good stability in the upper and also ensures breathability, which is very suitable for the upcoming summer. The sole of the sole is made by Nike React cushioning technology, which is not only light and soft, but also has better anti-attenuation performance.

Patta, a well-known street brand from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, has co-branded with Nike many times, including classic models such as Air Max 1, Air Span 2, Air Max 90 and Air Max 95. With its unique style, it has won the praise of the players. The news that has been linked to Jordan Brand has always been the focus of recent attention, and the Patta x Air Jordan 7 physical map has now been announced. The upper is in dark brown and light brown with a contrasting effect. The suede material adds a touch of texture to the shoe, while the side flying logo uses red embroidery to add a touch of vitality to the overall body. The color of the Patta on the side of the midsole gives a personal graffiti feel, highlighting the identity of the joint shoe, becoming the biggest highlight of the design.

2019 Mens Jordans,Although James ushered in his latest generation of boots Nike LeBron 16, last year, he seems to have a soft spot for LeBron 15, not only re-appearing LeBron 15, but also a very unique new color. Inspired by the famous Air Yeezy 1 “Net”, the LeBron 15's color scheme perfectly complements the Air Yeezy 1 “Net”. The innovative design is that the shoes also incorporate a Velcro strap design. The details of the light pink lining, the white midsole and the pale green luminous crystal outsole are also completely copied from the design of Air Yeezy 1 "Net", and the embroidery "BREEZY" on the heel is cleverly blended with LeBron and Yeezy.

Nike Air Max 97 In the past two years, there have been many classic color schemes. The corduroy and kaleidoscope have attracted a lot of attention. Recently, a new pair of color schemes will be released soon. Nike Air Max 97 Premium Racer Blue features gray and white shoes, complemented by blue accents, and a refreshing color palette that makes these shoes perfect for summer wear. The body of the shoe is presented by prisms and waves, and the special material is used to make the whole pair of shoes look full and the specifications are very high.

As the Chinese shoe market is getting hotter and hotter, the Chinese shoes are more popular with domestic shoe players. The previous CLOT x Air Force 1 white silk has brought a hot shoe market. Recently, the Air Force 1, which was previously exposed to white silk, has entered the field of sneakers. Nike Air Force 1'07 prm 3 overall appearance in orange, red and black, the color of the collision is extremely bright, the shoe side Swoosh uses an external line, with a pattern similar to the hundred clothing more special style. The toe part is made of silk material, orange and red, and the former "national flower" peony is painted, which reflects the Chinese elements to the fullest. It makes people seem to see the Tang Dynasty Liu Yuxi poetry. "Only the peony is the national color, the flower season Move the capital of Beijing. The leather on the side of the shoe body is similar to the texture of the dragon scale. The texture of the convex and concave and the pattern of the color collision similar to the “Hundreds of Clothing” are all telling Nike's intentional design for the Chinese style. The main part of the tongue is made of simple black, embellished with the same pattern of hundreds of clothes on the side. The minimalist and extremely complex color impact has undoubtedly become the crowning touch of this pair of shoes.

Each generation of Air Jordan's shoes has a very signature shoe design. Jordan Brand is very good at combining the characteristics of each generation of shoes to create a new design shoes. Recently, a pair of new color matching models Jordan 6 Rings official release. These shoes are comparable to the OG's original generation, combined with the classic Air Jordan 11 upper design, and the Air Jordan 13 midsole, outsole deconstruction. These shoes are on the white upper with black patent leather. In the lace buckle, tongue and heel position, it is decorated with green and pink colors, showing a very eye-catching South Coast color, the cyan outsole echoes, and the overall style is very dynamic.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Buy Air Jordan 1 Blue Chill on 2019mensjordans
« on: April 19, 2019, 02:57:33 PM »
In February of this year, a pair of patent leather materials designed for the NBA All-Star Weekend Air Jordan 1 Blue Chill was unanimously favored by fans. However, due to the WMNS specification, the market price of male code is high and the volume is scarce. Fortunately, in the recent pair of men's new color matching with 90% similarity, except for the material of the upper and some details, there is almost no difference, and finally let us be lucky! Air Jordan 1 Obsidian obsidian with North Carolina blue heel, white tongue and toe add a refreshing atmosphere, the body material changed to delicate leather, creating a completely different soft texture!

Adidas has always been updated for the classic shoe type Ultra Boost. The recently launched adidas Ultra Boost S&L is more popular than the normal version, and adidas has introduced a new color scheme for it. Ultra Boost was originally positioned as a high-end running shoe, but its outstanding shape and comfortable wearing experience make it a more casual choice for people. The body of the shoe is made of white mesh with gray suede. The position of the blue three-bar is also made of leather compared to the previous version. The application of multiple leathers can better protect the toes and make the whole pair more fashionable. It is very suitable for everyday wear.

As the top brand sneaker of the Nike Air Max family in 2019, the Nike Air Max 720 has been well received after sale. The extra-thick air cushion cushioning not only brings about a significant increase, but also provides a feeling of awkward feet. At the arrival of Easter, Nike will also launch an Easter special color scheme for the Air Max 720. Let's take a look! One of them is covered with powder blue to cover the whole body of the shoe. The reinforcing module in the middle of the shoe is complemented by a black dress. The heel and the tongue label are decorated with red accents, full of vitality. The other pair is a dark-colored dress with a black upper with dark purple and pink details, which is also very Easter-like.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Buy Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG on jordans2019shoes
« on: April 15, 2019, 02:12:05 PM »
2019 Mens Jordans,Stepping into the spring and summer season, Yeezy and Air Jordan 1 Who is the "king shoes" is a topic that has recently attracted the attention of many shoe players. Although many people spit the Air Jordan 1 is not suitable for summer wear. However, due to its classic level, these shoes are still the first choice for many players to start new shoes. Jordan Brand also took the opportunity to launch a number of new color schemes, and a new color that was exposed earlier today made Xiaobian look forward to it. It is not difficult to see from the current exposure, the new color scheme is still based on the nine-hole shoe type. The continuation of the toe color matching, black and white body, complemented by red car line outline, low-key and luxurious. The most eye-catching Swoosh is the bright yellow fluorescent dress, which is perfect for the current season, fresh and vibrant.

Jordans 2019 Shoes, after the "The Ten" series was over, OFF-WHITE x Nike has never been born, and what new design will be brought by both sides has always been a big event for the entire shoe circle. Recently, at the Coachella Coachella Music Festival, Virgil Abloh put on a pair of new OFF-WHITE x Nike joint shoes, he also exposed the shoes on his INS account. This joint shoe seems to be based on the Nike cross-country running shoe Air Zoom Terra Kiger, which incorporates the iconic elements of OFF-WHITE. Design languages ​​such as Swoosh, sponge tongues, anti-counterfeiting labels and slogans on the inside of the shoe continue, while the double lacing system and the spiked outsole are new design elements. At the same time, the whole pair of shoes seem to be presented in the old form, and it is not known whether it represents a new co-branded style. As early as last year's catwalk, OFF-WHITE x Nike's new co-branded series for women has been exposed, and the shape is very similar to today's shoes.

2019 Sneakers Release,Last year's Levis x Air Jordan 4 is always remembered by everyone, and the unique tannin texture makes many players want to stop. This year's turn is the Air Jordan 6 to bring tannin color, a black washed tannin color renderings recently released. Air Jordan 6 Black Washed Denim is the same as the Tannin Air Jordan 4. The upper is almost entirely made of tannin, and it has an irregular wash and fade effect, which makes the shoes more textured. The other parts are also dressed in black and white, the overall color is very harmonious, the heel shoes mentioned in the red embellishment of the tongue, adding classic and eye-catching elements. In fact, as early as last year, I exposed the effect of a blue tannin Air Jordan 6. It is currently unknown whether this black tannin is another color or the previous color matching.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Buy Nike SB Blazer Mid Dusty Peach on 2019mensjordans
« on: April 09, 2019, 02:40:28 PM »
2019 Mens Jordans,After the OFF-WHITE joint re-enactment, Nike Blazer Mid has become a popular choice for current hipsters! Recently, the Nike SB skateboard line has brought a new color matching Blazer Mid. The Nike SB Blazer Mid Dusty Peach has a pink main tone display, a wearable and high-quality cowboy leather to create the upper, and a white midsole and a shoe Nike Swoosh to create a classic Retro temperament, eye-catching and extremely versatile!

Jordans 2019 Shoes,Speaking of the fashion brand UNDERCOVER, for the players of the sneakers, it will not be unfamiliar. Whether it is the recently launched Converse's co-branded series or the upcoming Nike co-branded collection, it has attracted a lot of sneakers. The two sides will be based on the Nike classic military boots SFB Mountain, and will be sold in white, red and black. The color matching and high-boot design are more suitable for hiking and climbing. Undercover x Nike SFB Mountain's signature knob-lacing system allows one-handed adjustment of the shoelace tightness while providing a more wrapped feel. The nylon straps are complemented by “The New Warriors” and are sporty. The UNDERCOVER Logo inside the heel, tongue and insole highlights the joint identity of the pair of shoes. The tough outsole provides maximum slip resistance through a large grip texture that helps you challenge all harsh environments. The black version of the ink-repellent details perfectly explains UNDERCOVER aesthetics.

2019 Sneakers Release,As the temperature continues to rise, major sports brands are launching new lightweight shoes. Recently, the adidas classic NMD series brings a new color matching NMD R1. The overall style of the shoes is mainly red, the highlight is that the iconic three-line logo is made up of three lines, and the details are dotted with light gray suede. The upper is made entirely of meshed Primeknit woven material, which is lightweight and breathable.

cb|GeSHi-mod / Shop Air Jordan 1 High Black Toe on Cadysneakers
« on: April 04, 2019, 02:53:30 PM »
In addition to the two high-profile versions of the Nike SB, the Air Jordan 1 Low is also welcoming three new pairs of color schemes. One of the most popular non-red/black colors is the design of the Air Jordan 1 High Black Toe. The second pair of black/yellow colors made of nubuck leather also has a high popularity, and the last pair The gray color scheme is based on the combination of raw rubber and pink soles. In addition, the heels of the three pairs of shoes are decorated with the "WINGS" logo, while the slightly widened shoes and thickened ankles are designed for skateboarding. Transformation.

Nike's new generation of running shoes, the Air VaporMax 2019, has ushered in a pair of the latest "Pink Rise" color scheme. Air VaporMax 2019 Pink Rise's eye-catching color scheme is dominated by white and pink. The white translucent body and the faintly visible pink visual air cushions complement each other like a peach-flavored bubble of water. Feeling, it is definitely the perfect match for the Spring and Summer Festival. It is reported that this Air VaporMax 2019 Pink Rise will be officially launched in Nike Sportswear store and in April.

Nike Air Jordan Shoes,The cooperation between Nike SB and Jordan Brand is still going on. The two sides chose to use Air Jordan 1 as the blueprint to bring "Lakers" and "Light Bone" two new designs. The former is inspired by the most representative purple gold jerseys of the NBA giants LA Lakers. The shoes are based on purple and white, and are embellished with eye-catching gold Swoosh. The latter uses a simple and black-and-white look with pink insoles. The highlights were added, and the tongues of the two pairs of shoes were changed to "Nike SB" logo to indicate the cooperative status.

The Mars-themed Air Max 90 Mars Landing has just been released,Jordans 2019 Shoes with a unique Mars upper and powerful 3M reflective, instantly pumping countless! The previous moon landing version of Air Max 90 "Moon Landing" is currently the market speculation price is quite high, maintaining a state of 6,000 yuan. Recently, a Nike Air VaporMax 3.0 with the same theme has emerged, and rumors will be released at the beginning of next month! Nike Air VaporMax 3.0 Moon Landing Continuing the classic Moon Landing color scheme, the gray woven upper is covered with an orange VaporMax large-capacity air cushion, the Swoosh and heel stabilizer are replaced with the lunar surface, and the gold foil on the tongue is combined with the exposed label design to highlight the material elements of the spacecraft. Extremely high.

2019 Sneakers Release With the arrival of Nike's official Air Max Day, the latest family member Nike Air Max 720 also officially debuted in the revolution of increasing air cushions. To celebrate this moment, Nike launched the Nike Air Max 720 China Limited color matching Throwback Future Pack series, which is presented in a traditional Chinese glazed texture on the upper color and material. During the event, in addition to the sale of the "China Limited" color scheme Nike Air Max 720 "Throwback Future", SOULGOODS also specially exhibited the Nike Air Max family shoes.

In the three months since 2019, 2019 Mens Jordans still does not have a new color scheme that achieves phenomenal level in two people. In fact, the real stock is still not behind, such as the official Air Jordan 1 Gym Red. The most popular black toe outfit in Air Jordan 1 reappears, with the most popular black, white and red colors. The black and white shoes are embellished with red Swoosh and the same color upper. The midsole is Milky white with a sense of oldness. It's worth noting that the new color matching upper leather texture is very different from the Air Jordan 1 released last year. Although it seems that the resale and red mink Air Jordan 1 have some similarities, but have a fresh visual experience, have to sigh with the color matching or Air Jordan 1 strong!

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