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Site and MOD Comments / Plastic gusset is good
« on: October 25, 2018, 10:56:36 AM »
Plastic gusset is good Easy to use Because this material is lighter in weight, it is easier to install and easy to disassemble. If it is worn out, it is convenient to replace it. We only need to buy some new plastic gussets, remove the original one-piece slats, pull the slabs out of the slats one by one, replace the damaged plates with new ones, and re-install the pressed bead. It has good durability and good stability. It is not prone to deformation and cracking even after long-term use. It has good water resistance, good moisture resistance, and it has the advantages of strong acid and alkali resistance. Plastic gusset is a kind of environmentally friendly material. It is non-toxic and tasteless. It has no irritation to our human skin and respiratory system. It is suitable for use in the kitchen or bedroom. Beautiful and fashionable, its styles, patterns and rich colors can meet the needs of different styles, which can make the room look more beautiful and generous. The plastic gusset plate also has the characteristics of easy cleaning and good sound insulation effect. Now the flame retardant material added to the plastic gusset material of the new process can make it away from the fire and be safer to use.
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Site and MOD Comments / Bagaimana memilih
« on: July 30, 2018, 05:34:54 AM »
Bagaimana memilih pemilihan lantai kayu solid: Ketika membeli lantai kayu solid, pertimbangkan faktor-faktor lingkungan dalam ruangan. Jika kelembaban dalam ruangan relatif besar, maka pilih pinus putih, pinus merah, dan kayu putih. Ketiga jenis kayu ini tidak mudah berubah bentuk setelah lembab. Ukuran: Ketika membeli lantai kayu solid, untuk mengurangi deformasi, lantai harus sempit dan tidak terlalu lebar, dan ukurannya harus pendek dan tidak panjang. Pada saat yang sama, kita juga harus mempertimbangkan ukuran tanah yang diaspal. Jika luasnya kecil, lebih baik memilih lantai kayu berukuran kecil. Pilih kualitas cat: Saat membeli lantai kayu solid, cobalah memilih papan cat UV. Lantai kayu padat semacam ini lebih tahan terhadap pembakaran dan keausan dibandingkan lantai lainnya. Pilih kualitas substrat: Ketika membeli lantai kayu solid, pastikan untuk memeriksa apakah ada cacat seperti tulang rusuk, pembusukan, retakan, sambungan, simpul mati, dan membosankan di permukaan. Detail ini tidak boleh diabaikan, jika tidak, efek setelah renovasi tidak baik, dan umur layanan sangat singkat.
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cb|Emailogin / Apa kelebihan cat tembok seni?
« on: July 24, 2018, 04:10:39 AM »
 Efek dekoratifnya sangat bagus. Cat seni dinding menggabungkan keunggulan cat lateks ramah lingkungan dan wallpaper bermutu tinggi. Tidak hanya memiliki kualitas yang bagus, tetapi juga memiliki efek yang sangat baik di dinding. Ini tidak hanya dapat dibuat menjadi berbagai pola, tetapi juga dapat dihasilkan dari berbagai sudut. Warna dan seninya juga sangat kuat. Apa kelebihan cat tembok seni? Tidak ada perubahan warna. Cat hiasan dinding membutuhkan master profesional untuk melaksanakan konstruksi karena memiliki persyaratan teknis yang tinggi, tetapi memiliki perbedaan tertentu dari wallpaper tradisional. Konstruksi, dan umur layanannya lebih lama dari wallpaper tradisional. Bahkan setelah bertahun-tahun, tidak akan ada perubahan warna atau pengelupasan, dan itu tidak hanya ramah lingkungan, anti-oksidan atau anti-penuaan.
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cb|Emailogin / the decoration
« on: July 10, 2018, 03:37:35 AM »
Three key points for the decoration of the stadium Those who want to exercise in the light, certainly do not want to stay in the dark environment of black paint, so the lighting of the stadium is very important. Windows are often designed to enhance the lighting in the stadium, so that you can feel the light during the day, saving electricity and money. However, the window should not be too much, and the orientation should be planned. It must not be too glaring, otherwise it will damage people's eyes and not suitable for people's sports. The ventilation and ventilation gymnasium is a place for many people to exercise. When exercising, people's body will definitely sweat a lot. Therefore, the decoration in the hall must be considered for ventilation and ventilation. Otherwise, it will only make the stadium smelly and sultry for a long time. The layout of the plane layout of the gymnasium is also the part that needs attention when decorating. The construction design should be carried out in strict accordance with international standards. Especially when the gymnasium is to be used for competition, the height of the room is required. The height must be no less than 15 meters and the width is still Good, no restrictions
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Site and MOD Comments / floor coating
« on: June 19, 2018, 04:21:44 AM »
What is fast and cheap floor shop: floor coating In many building materials decoration materials, paint is regarded as a relatively high price of a class of products. Floor shop what is fast and cheap: floor tiles This is a relatively popular kind of product, it's The application saves us a lot of expenses, not only has non-slip function, but also has a variety of colors and styles, and the overall decorative effect is very good. In addition, it is matched with different styles such as the Mediterranean and the pastoral style to bring out the uniform color of the whole room. It is ideal for laying in practical spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. What is fast and cheap floor shop: floor leather from the current market conditions, most people have no longer use this material, but it still has certain advantages, all kinds of floor leather, patterns, colors Not all the same, some floor leathers also have embossing effect, there is a great deal of choice, especially foamed leather, giving people a feeling of comfort and elegance.
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cb|Emailogin / trifunctional monomer
« on: May 31, 2018, 03:56:41 AM »
Other commercially valuable monomers are diallyl fumarate and diallyl maleate. This is a type of highly reactive trifunctional monomer containing two types of polymerizable double bonds. Allyl methacrylate also has a bifunctional character and can be used as a cross-linking agent and a monomer intermediate. Diallyl cyanurate can be used as a crosslinking agent for unsaturated polyester resins. Typical catalytic systems are peroxides, such as tert-butyl perbenzoate, benzoate peroxide, or dicumyl peroxide, which are sufficiently thermally stable and sustainable until cross-linking is complete. The best products are the first to be diethylene glycol bis (allyl carbonate) and diisopropyl peroxydicarbonate because they are not only light in color, but also have a high degree of transparency. The amount of initiator is generally 2 to 3 parts per 100 parts of resin.
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Site and MOD Comments / Runcheng ceramics
« on: April 24, 2018, 07:35:04 AM »
Ceramic tile brand new Runcheng ceramics with the purchase of Tiles brand new Runcheng ceramics of different styles of tiles, and a variety of styles of furniture with, so do not bother with, so many people choose well-known brand tiles. This size is more convenient to install, more docile, more beautiful in practical effect. Many of the tile brands are relatively international, which is the most obvious difference from the traditional tiles. The general design elements of the tile brand are taken from the hands of the world's top masters, extremely personalized. The price is also acceptable, before many imported ceramic tile prices are always high, a square meter to reach a thousand dollars, now with the rise of domestic brands, the price is very reasonable, but also to a lot of good tiles into the ordinary People's home. Before the more popular brand style is to walk the warm tone style, is now the basic color of black and white gray three-color, has become a new favorite of the younger generation. According to the market survey, the sales volume of the traditional warm-colored tile brands has gradually declined, and the simple style of the new Runcheng tile has occupied an increasingly important position and has been favored by consumers. Consumers are more concerned with the overall style of ceramic tiles for the family environment. From the perspective of color and style, the pattern is still dominated by simplicity.
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Site and MOD Comments / manufacture
« on: April 11, 2018, 04:08:48 AM »
Purchase must see five details Look at the edge, because professional manufacturers are using modern machinery and equipment, using imported plastic high-temperature and high-pressure edge sealing, after the edge of the bedroom door surface should be flat and solid. Look at hardware accessories, high-quality bedroom door is also used high-quality hardware accessories, when used freely, no noise, can stand tens of thousands of times the switch without deformation damage. Looking at the veneer, the veneer consists of two parts. The first is the material, which refers to the type of wood in the room door facing, which determines the background color and texture of the bedroom door. Currently, the bedroom door materials on the market mainly include walnut and cherry wood. Oak, ash, etc.; Second, finish quality, paint quality and finishing process determine the finishing quality of the facade. High-quality paint and advanced spraying and baking techniques can ensure that each bedroom door has smooth paint, uniform color, and clear texture. . Looking at the environmental protection of materials, all raw materials are environmentally-friendly materials to produce environmentally-friendly products. It is advisable to have environmental protection agencies to test the certificates. Looking at services, it is also crucial for manufacturers to have their own service systems. When signing a contract, consumers should indicate in the contract that the delivery of the product, inspection and acceptance of the product, and the quality of the solution during the warranty period should be made by the manufacturer.
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Site and MOD Comments / How about PVC Floor Compared to other Floor?
« on: February 02, 2018, 01:36:41 AM »
The characteristic of PVC floor
PVC flooring combines stone, wood, ceramics, textile, metal type, the advantages of floor and attached a lot of special properties, such as: conductive, antistatic, antibacterial, resistance to chemical corrosion candle, waterproof, prevent slippery, and other functions. Moreover, the use ofPVC Fireproof Wall Panel proprietary adhesion technology to make the ground integrated effectively avoids the disadvantages of other materials and is the best material for the indoor floor.

Vertical comparison: what is the quality of the floor to compare?
If all types of floors are the best in the industry, then we can fully understand the problem of PVC floor according to the previous ECO Safe PVC Fencerecommendation. However, above the theory is the more complex market condition, how the high-quality PVC floor and the common PVC floor in the market are two completely different problems.The simplest example is import tarkett floor and domestic import floor style of PVC floor, one is to have the factory standard strictly, one is the technology also needs to be improved, PVC floor what exactly have to start with specific products.

Horizontal comparison: the impact of market environment.
Domestic and import, production quality and production standards, this ultimately reflects the price difference. At this time we compare PVC floor with another floor, will get more reference value result.Such as Tarkett, ya Zhuo, garbo import PVC floor price at around $200 or more, but its performance and quality in the hospitals, office buildings, kindergarten,pvc composite board low maintenance sports performance fully proved its value. In this respect, it is very difficult to find other floor materials better than PVC floor. PVC floor price domestic PVC floor from a few hundred pieces of different, there are also some active enterprises, uneven is the basic market conditions. At this time PVC floor as a kind of new material, to the consumer is "not what kind of floor". Because the consumer does not know this kind of floor completely, the accumulation of folk basic common sense is not enough, want to buy good PVC floor and finally get good installation effect, not easy. Compare ceramic tile, wooden floor, everybody is very familiar, spend more effort also can have good effect.

Site and MOD Comments / KTV hiasan dinding dinding
« on: December 01, 2017, 03:07:36 AM »
 KTV pilihan baru lagi, sehingga ketebalan dinding berdampak langsung pada jumlah ruangan KTV, jika dindingnya lebih tipis, maka semakin besar ruang kamar, kondisi lokasi cocok untuk kasus daripada penggunaan bangunan tradisional. bahan untuk lebih terpisah beberapa kamar. Menurut pelat tembok partisi bangunan nasional. Menggunakan papan partisi FPB ringan tidak diragukan lagi merupakan pilihan terbaik. Insulasi suara khas Saat ini digunakan untuk dinding partisi umumnya memiliki beberapa jenis dinding, seperti partisi eternit, partisi GRC, dinding partisi plastik berongga, panel sandwich komposit dan sebagainya. Tingkat kebisingan dari papan partisi biasa adalah 30-38 dB, pada dasarnya memenuhi persyaratan isolasi suara setiap ruangan di dalam ruangan. Versi papan partisi FPB ringan volume suara hingga 40 dB atau lebih, dalam noise memiliki performa yang sangat bagus. Performa api yang superior Sebagai struktur bangunan KTV yang kompleks, sehingga kinerja api harus lebih baik. Papan partisi FPB yang ringan tahan api pada batas suhu 1000 derajat celcius tidak kurang dari 4 jam, namun tidak mengeluarkan gas beracun dan berbahaya, sifat yang tidak mudah terbakar memenuhi standar kelas A nasional. Papan partisi ringan FPB adalah jenis baru bahan dinding hemat energi yang terbuat dari bahan inti berkekuatan tinggi dengan kekuatan ringan seperti papan serat semen, pelet busa polystyrene dan bahan baku vulkanik yang unik untuk pabrik papan serat semen atau papan silikat kalsium. Papan partisi ringan FPB dengan bobot ringan, kekuatan tinggi, hemat energi, perlindungan lingkungan, seismik, proteksi kebakaran, insulasi termal, kebisingan, kelembaban dan kinerja superior lainnya, dapat banyak digunakan di berbagai partisi dinding interior KTV.
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cb|Emailogin / an tingkap
« on: November 07, 2017, 03:11:49 AM »
Sebagai tambahan kepada kelebihan ekologi kayu selain kelebihan ekologi kelebihannya yang terkenal: Sifat ekologi dari bahan merujuk kepada bahan yang meminimumkan kerosakan ke bumi dan menyumbang kepada kesihatan manusia dalam aspek seperti pengumpulan bahan baku, pembuatan produk, penggunaan atau kitar semula, dan pengendalian bahan mentah. Bahan mentah harus diambil sejauh mungkin untuk mengambil sekerap kayu padu, atau kayu kitar semula dan kayu lain tidak boleh digunakan semula. Pembuatan produk, pertama sekali, tidak boleh menambah bahan-bahan berbahaya kepada tubuh manusia; maka tidak ada pencemaran dalam proses pengeluaran. Pada masa kini, sebab utama mengapa bahan kayu komposit yang biasa dijumpai di pasaran tidak boleh diklasifikasikan sebagai kayu eko adalah bahan-bahan yang terlalu berbahaya ditambah, terutamanya gam. Boleh dikitar semula. Ringkasnya, kayu ekologi mesti mempunyai kelebihan kayu semula jadi, dan meninggalkan kelemahan kayu, dalam proses pengeluaran dan pemprosesan tanpa menambah komponen berbahaya pada lembaran kayu.
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Site and MOD Comments / the traditional
« on: October 13, 2017, 03:58:39 AM »
Break the traditional inertia thinking to subvert the floor to buy five major errors With the improvement of people's living standards, as well as the sensitivity of fashion and popular increase, people in the home decoration when the grade and requirements are getting higher and higher. As an important aspect of home decoration, the floor has become the entire home design of the carrier and the stage, the floor to buy, color science or not it is very important. However, the current number of consumers for how to buy the floor, color, style, how to match and not a clear, correct concept. Recently, in the Ruijia floor color contest through interviews with relevant experts, the reporter learned that the current consumers in the purchase of the floor when there are five major errors: just look at the color, do not look at the whole lot of consumers, when the home decoration, There is "first to wear clothes, after wearing shoes," the phenomenon, according to the color of the wall to choose the floor, which exists to consider the issue is not comprehensive. In fact, the home is a whole, the floor as the whole home decoration stage, should be combined with the wall, furniture, soft decoration and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, from the overall focus to buy the floor. Personalization is good This is a personalized era, many consumers think that personalized color is good, but from the home decoration point of view, too personalized is a misunderstanding. From the home point of view, the floor after a few years to be considered after the renovation, so from the aesthetic point of view, those classic floor style and color is more suitable for every day we live in the home.
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cb|Emailogin / the floor
« on: October 11, 2017, 11:57:57 AM »
the floor requirements are very strict, geothermal floor must have good heat transfer performance, good thermal stability, environmental performance is better, good resistance to deformation "four good" requirements. It is recommended to choose composite flooring. Because the thickness of the composite floor is mostly in the 7 ~ 8mm, it is easy to heat generated by the geothermal system to the surface, and the composite floor of the metal oxide wear layer, the heat spread on the surface very fast and uniform. And solid wood flooring is relatively thick, the general thickness of about 2cm, but also to install the keel, so the heat of the geothermal system is not easy to conduct to the surface, and the thermal conductivity of wood is very low, this will lead to waste of heat, but also the surface temperature Uneven, the temperature difference is very obvious. The quality of imported flooring to meet the European Enpr13329 standard, the quality of domestic flooring to meet the national standards, can be adapted to the installation of geothermal heating floor technical requirements, the current market, some qualified brands have reached this standard. The effect of the lock floor is better, because there is a small gap between the hook and the floor, so it is not easy to take shape after expansion. In order to increase the amount of heat, the cushion material and the thickness of the floor should not be too thick.
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Site and MOD Comments / wall paint varieties
« on: September 07, 2017, 08:22:10 AM »
Common interior wall paint varieties and characteristics of B-C interior paint B-C interior wall paint is the main component of vinyl acetate-acrylic. This paint has a good color retention, non-toxic, non-flammable, delicate appearance, durability and so on.outdoor cover concrete patio for kids
 It applies to the inner wall, spray, roll, brush can be, can also be diluted with water, generally survived, the minimum construction temperature of 15C. Bright latex paint This coating is the main component of styrene-acrylic acid vinegar. It is odorless, free from fire hazards, good construction performance, can be in the wet surface of the construction, the coating of light and durability is better.wood polymer composite sheet canada
This coating is used for concrete, wood base. emulsion color interior paint This coating is the main component of polyvinyl alcohol. It is non-toxic, tasteless, hard coating, smooth and smooth, good water resistance. This coating is used for cement mortar, lime mortar. Concrete asbestos cement board and other grass roots. Spray, brush construction can be, the minimum construction temperature of 10CC.natural garden pathways decking products
Perchlorethylene interior paint The main ingredient of this coating is perchlorethylene resin. It is a solvent-based paint, with good waterproof, anti-aging. This coating is suitable for the inner wall, this product has a pungent odor, so this coating is not suitable for spraying construction. 206 interior wall paint This interior wall paint is the main component of vinyl chloride vinylidene chloride resin.all weather decking northern ireland

cb|Emailogin / packaging specifications
« on: September 06, 2017, 04:16:44 AM »
Two check components: According to industry insiders, different paint packaging specifications vary, the weight is also different, consumers can use a simple method of buying, knowledge of the pros and cons: the tank out to shake, if the shake up "Rushing" sound, indicating that the lack of weight or volatile.upvc cladding decking suppliers in scotland
Look at the contents: the purchase of paint is generally not allowed to open the container, but the consumer should be carefully used before unpacking the contents of the paint. The main paint surface can not appear crust phenomenon, paint transparent, uniform color, no impurities, and should have good mobility; curing agent, should be white or light yellow transparent liquid, no stratification without condensation.composite decking color black
 clear and transparent, no Impurities; scientific name "days that water", commonly known as "banana water", the appearance of clear, transparent, no impurities, good dilution. Look at the construction: the quality of the paint in strict accordance with the instructions required after the ratio should be delicate, glossy uniformity, uniform color, viscosity suitable, with good construction tolerance.beautiful view at boat decking bengali decking
Five choose business brand: consumers should try to choose a good reputation to buy a good dealer to buy a brand with the appropriate brand of paint products, if the quality problems should be timely response or complaints, or do a good job, in the end is poor paint quality or Construction technology, environmental factors caused by it is difficult to explain.can you build a eight foot fence in hoover alabama

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