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cb|Emailogin / stagnant stitching
« on: August 31, 2017, 04:08:31 AM »
Big core board Daxin board should not be overweight woodworking board, the line commonly known as big core board, is composed of two veneer stagnant stitching made of wood. Blockboard is the middle of the natural wood paste from the core of the core, both sides of the thin veneer, is one of the most important decoration materials.anti temperature composite deck stain
Do furniture and package doors and doors, heating hood, curtain box, etc., its waterproof and moisture resistance is better than particleboard and MDF. Select the big board, the focus on the internal wood, not too broken, the gap between the wood in the 3mm around the blockboard is appropriate. Many consumers choose Daxin board, a look at the weight, two look at the price.vinyl pavilion wholesale orange county In fact, the weight beyond the normal big core board, indicating the use of Zamu. Zangmu fight the big core board, simply do not nail into the nails, so can not use. With E1 or more products, home decoration can only use the E1 level of the big core board. E2 grade dalecene board formaldehyde content may also be more than E1-class Big Mac board more than 3 times.plastic fence slats to put on steel gate it must not be used for home decoration. Second, it is not possible to carry out the finishing process of the big core board for purification and closed treatment, especially the decoration of the backplane, a variety of cabinet panels and heating hood and so on. At present, experts developed formaldehyde sealing agent, formaldehyde closed wax and the elimination and closure of formaldehyde aerosol, while the best use.6ft driveable fencing post for rope fencing

Site and MOD Comments / master
« on: August 30, 2017, 11:37:47 AM »
The But I have some problems not yet resolved, specifically to ask you master. Because my house is very close to the road, so the noise is great. I would like to urgently solve the problem of noise, but do not know how to decoration in order to sound insulation. I want to separate the room with a splint, but I have found that the splint is too thin!plastic pvc fencing ireland
The What kind of splint should be chosen? Second, my house is thinner.
  Home listening room decoration should take measures including noise and sound absorption, the object is invisible sound, certainly have a considerable difficulty. The actual process requires some skills, only for sound protection measures, because the environment and the playback volume of the difference is very different.composite deck manufacturers usa
Generally to be the noise measures to be divided into three: First, the doors and windows for sound treatment; Second, the room 6 surface noise treatment; Third, the construction of "room room." The following are explained separately.
  The most basic approach is to strengthen the weaker part first. The key to sound insulation measures is balanced, which is very important. Taking the concrete structure of the steel plate as an example, the noise characteristics of concrete walls can reach -50dB, while the noise characteristics of windows are only -25dB.waterproof decking with wpc material
Like a deep bucket, missing part of the water from there flowing out of the depth of the bucket can only be considered defect location. For the sound, it is also a reason.
  Before taking sound insulation measures in the listening room, carefully analyze where the sound will run away. It is necessary to take measures on the walls and the ground, but do not forget the windows and doors of the rooms, they are relatively weak parts. The sound leaked out of these places, and the total sound insulation of the room was not as high as possible. If there is voice foreign exchange, the first thing to watch is the windows and doors.outdoor wpc handrail suppliers in uk

cb|GeSHi-mod / the flower bed
« on: June 16, 2017, 09:48:54 AM »
Selection of stone should pay attention to both inside and outside
  Natural stone radioactive detection service activities, the experts found that many families in the interior decoration, in order to highlight the decoration personality, enhance the decorative effect, some should be installed in the outdoor building materials installed in the room, especially some families using natural stone Slate (also called slate) to do the ground material, and some for the windowsill plate, the background wall and so on.gravel flooring upstairs balcony
Indoor environmental testing experts to remind you, for you and your family's health, with the use of wood, do not be careful!
  We all know that slate is a natural stone, and marble, granite, are all natural stone, China's slate has developed more than 50 kinds, widely used in outdoor decoration and garden decoration.Composite Decks Suppliers In South Ireland
In recent years, with the rise of the home decoration hot, some families moved it into the room, becoming the new darling of home decoration, TV room in the living room wall, bedroom fake fireplace, balcony on the flower bed, The ground, have its useless. As everyone knows, it is the same as marble granite is a natural stone with radioactive.composite panel price boat floor Sunderland
 Moreover, because the stone itself is the outdoor timber, the radioactivity to the national standard B class can be, only to achieve Class A standard natural stone use without any restrictions, can be used indoors, and B class standard natural stone The "indoor should not be used," if not detected, blind use, it is difficult to prevent its radioactivity, resulting in harm to the human body. "Indoor Environmental Testing Center" recently detected radioactivity to class B slate, the original inspection would like to use in the room, can only make another choice.cost of composite decking prices vs treated lumber uk

Site and MOD Comments / the glass
« on: June 12, 2017, 07:45:05 AM »
Such as stained glass is generally used in the European, French style of home improvement, and transparent glass is more modern style of home improvement with some more. Secondly, if the home has an elderly or children, use the glass wall to be more friendly dustbin supplier malaysia
When installing the glass wall in the master bedroom, be sure to pay attention to the middle of the glass wall decorated with a decorative strip or film, or because the indoor light is not enough, the elderly eyes are not good, it is easy to hit the glass wall. Home with children with more caution to use the glass. Because the children line of sight is low, easy to ignore the lower part of the glass, and easy to move, it is easy to hit the glass directly, which there are security risks. Therefore, in the living room using glass partition, it is best to install the wooden entity glue for composite material
Once again, in the fixed glass door or wall, do not directly against the wall, and use the pad to protect, so even if there is a collision buffer, and the glass door is generally much heavier than the wooden door, so when installed But also consider the local ground force situation. In addition, the corridors are now relatively narrow, glass wall or door transport installation should be very careful to avoid mildew resistant deck product
Designers remind: Although the glass used in home improvement will be very beautiful, and now the quality of glass texture has greatly improved, but in fact I personally do not highly respected in the home improvement in the use of glass or mirror. Home improvement or respected natural style, and glass is to give people feel very cold building materials. And really in the home life, must take the extreme consideration, that is, once the glass wall is broken, will cause any consequences. Therefore, home improvement or to caution with glass.External Decorative Panel Buy In Austria

Site and MOD Comments / Carefully select the cleaning agent
« on: June 12, 2017, 05:55:34 AM »
Carefully select the cleaning agent. Poor cleaning agents are often some strong acids, they are likely to cause more serious stone disease, for example, the surface loss and powder, water spots and saline spots, loose erosion and yellowing and so on.Prefabricated Wood Slat Fence
It is recommended that the user should first select the quality of reliable manufacturers of products; followed by the cleaning should be protected before the part is not ready to clean the cleaning process should be removed after the removal of residual chemicals; In addition, the cleaning of stone relics should be invited experts Argument. Refurbished.Wood Plastic Composite Outdoor Fence In UK
This is a method for treating the surface or surface microstructure damage caused by stone disease. Grinding, sandblasting and coating is the most basic renovation operation. The easiest way to refurbish is to polish or coat a layer of masking material. Grinding and polishing can make the surface loss of light, the surface of the powder off the surface, the surface of the stone surface to restore the original natural appearance.pvc tongue and groove deck flooring
 The combination of some new abrasive, abrasive and chemical auxiliaries allows the refurbished stone to reach more than 90 gauss gloss. At present, the domestic ground refurbished grinding and polishing technology has been more mature, and the construction of the wall there are still some technical difficulties. Sandblasting, also known as particle spray, can make the matte and irregular surface of the stone to restore the original natural appearance, for example, the board, fire board and sculpture have a better effect.wood based composite materials

Site and MOD Comments / Stein vanntett
« on: June 08, 2017, 04:08:52 AM »
Stein vanntett skjæringsteknologi Sten vanntett er vanligvis gjort på overflaten av steinbehandlingen, tidkrevende og arbeidskrevende. Nylig har et fransk selskap oppfunnet en stein vanntett kutting technology.high end utendørs wpc møblervanntett solid veranda gulvbelegg
Denne teknologien er i kjølevannets sagblad ved å legge til riktig mengde gjennomtrengelig silikonemulsjon, steinskjæringen, og samtidig kutte på gjennomføringen av stein vanntetting.3 fot aluminiumsrammer for tre gjerde Skjæring viser at denne skjæreteknologien er enkel og praktisk.nytte og ulemper tre plastkompositt
 med silikonemulsjon kan kjølevann helt nedsenkes i stein, fordi det i henhold til bladet til den mekaniske virkningen kan forbedre emulsjonen av kjølevannets permeabilitet, slik at den inn i steinen i Tynneste kapillær. Det er rapportert at denne teknologien har blitt patentert. Hvordan bygge Pergola over eksisterende dekk Indiabillig forhåndslagde tre gjerdet paneler

Site and MOD Comments / Advantages of composite decking
« on: September 22, 2016, 09:56:57 AM »
Solid wood flooring, as the name suggests, is made of solid wood flooring. Compared with other types of flooring, solid wood flooring with environmental protection, health, etc., and there are cool miraculous. Therefore, in all kinds of flooring, solid wood flooring has been favorable for consumers. Even in today's high solid wood flooring, eco friendly bamboo fence canada, solid wood flooring still has a huge consumer groups. Solid wood flooring divided by grade Grade AA, A and B grade, which is the best quality AA grade solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring can clearly see the wood grain. Parquet introduction.We usually referred flooring are generally four-layer structure including wear layer, decorative layer, substrate layer and bottom layer.

The role of these four different ways: wear-resistant surface layer protects the major role in making the floor more durable; decorative layer is typically used to simulate the texture of wood, so that the floor looks more beautiful; the base layer is laminate flooring the main part; how to build decking on a slope, and most important role is the underlying moisture. Parquet can clearly see the level of composite wood flooring and laminate flooring Although the production of raw materials are essentially different, but it is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, which need to find the difference between wood flooring and laminate flooring from the floor of the phenomenon.

Solid wood flooring natural wood raw material, not processed, natural, naturally receiving timber peculiar nature, easily bagging, deformation. The processed composite floor generally does not appear such phenomena. Solid wood flooring in terms of wear resistance is not very good, plastic wood cladding exterior, and the flooring, the parquet and laminate flooring abrasion wear resistance is also far from. Laminate flooring added some special ingredients, so in terms of wear resistance far more than ordinary wood floor.

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