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cb|GeSHi-mod / What are the causes of the jaw crusher wear?
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In the whole stone production line, the jaw crusher is generally used as a primary crushing machine. Among all the mine crushing machines, the jaw crusher is also a crusher with a wide range of applications.
The jaw crusher is commonly known as smashed, also known as the tiger's mouth. The crushing chamber is composed of two jaws, which are movable and quiet. It is a crusher that simulates the two movements of the animal and completes the material crushing operation. It is widely used in medium-sized crushing of various mines and bulk materials in industries such as mining, smelting, building materials, highways, iron ore, water conservancy and chemical industry. The crushed material has a compressive strength of 320 MPa.
We all know that crushing equipment has a certain service life, especially the jaws of jaw crushers are parts that are extremely wearable and need to be replaced regularly. So what are the causes of the jaw crusher wear?
The jaw crusher plate is made of water-toughened standard high manganese steel. Its dental plate wear is a cutting wear. After analysis, this type of cutting wear is mainly divided into three cases:
First, the material is short-range sliding friction with the tooth plate, and the friction cutting plate forms debris, which causes the tooth plate to wear.
Second, the material is repeatedly squeezed to cut the dental plate, and fine cracks are formed on the surface of the dental plate or at the root of the protruding portion of the dental plate. These fine cracks are continuously extended to connect, causing the material on the surface of the dental plate to fall off and form debris.
Third, the material is repeatedly squeezed, causing the surface material of the dental plate to be partially fractured or turned up, and the fragmented or turned up part is peeled off together with the crushed material to form debris.
Therefore, controlling the wear of the jaw crusher and prolonging the service life of the tooth plate mainly consider the hardness and toughness of the material of the tooth plate. The tooth plate material has high hardness, strong wear resistance and strong anti-extrusion ability, which reduces the brittle fracture of the tooth plate during the extrusion and impact process with the crushed material, and reduces the deformation and cracking of the tooth plate surface.
The jaw crusher jaw is a wearable part. In order to improve production efficiency, the jaws of the jaw crusher need to be replaced regularly. At the same time, manufacturers of dental plates should continue to strengthen scientific research input, improve the structure of dental plates, reduce the sliding friction between materials and dental plates, reduce the amount of cutting wear, thereby
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Site and MOD Comments / But although the causes of undesirable
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