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YINCHUAN, China, June 4 (Xinhua) -- The Sino-Japan mass sports exchange kicked off Saturday in Yinchuan, capital of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

The event featuring four sports - badminton, table tennis, tennis and volleyball, will run until Wednesday. More than sixty Japanese athletes from different walks of life will be competing with their Chinese counterparts.

"We hope to exchange experiences with Chinese people, as well as to enhance the mutual understanding and friendship," said the head of Japanese delegation.

"The activities have played an important role in the popularization of mass sports, and also helped strengthen mutual trust," said Huang Linghai, an official from All-China Sports Federation. Enditem

LIMA nike epic react flyknit pearl pink womens , July 19 (Xinhua) -- The Central Reserve Bank of Peru (BCRP) on Wednesday issued a new coin featuring the endangered Andean bear in a bid to raise people's awareness about the threats to the species.

The coin is the first in a series called "Peru's Endangered Wild Animals," which will showcase the wildlife threatened with extinction.

"The series on endangered animals that we are presenting today is going to consist of 10 (different) coins," said Julio Velarde, president of the BCRP.

"In the first place, we have chosen the Andean bear, the only one of the world's eight types of bears that exists in our region nike epic react flyknit olive womens ," said Velarde.

Coins featuring the Andean bear aim to both draw attention to the plight of wildlife and to promote coin collecting, according to the BCRP.

"We are going to mint 10 million coins. It is a limited edition of a sol (Peru's currency), it is legal tender and has special characteristics that make it collectible," it said.

The coin, made of alpaca silver, which is an alloy of mainly copper and nickel nike epic react flyknit black womens , features an image of the bear, also known as the spectacled bear, due to the unique markings around its eyes.

The flip side of the coin, which is worth one sol, features Peru's coat of arms.

The spectacled bear can reach 2.2 meters in height, weighs up to 180 kilos nike epic react flyknit red womens , and inhabits the mountain ranges of South America, between 800 and 4,750 meters above sea level.

Solitary and timid, it spends much of its time climbing trees and feeding on fruits and berries.

According to the national park service, Peru's estimated 18,000 Andean bears are threatened by encroaching agriculture , illegal logging and unregulated hunting, with farmers considering them destructive to their corn fields.

Xi calls for world-class military research, educational institutions

China to enhance cooperation with Palestine on trade, infrastructure

China's top legislator visits Serbia to deepen bilateral cooperation

"Summer Camp of Traditional National Culture" held in N China

23rd Summer Deaflympics opens in Samsun, Turkey

In pics: China's CH-5 drone completes trial flight

In pics: ethnic embroidery show in SW China's Yunnan

Chinese aircraft carrier formation conducts coordination training

BRUSSELS, Oct. 25 (Xinhua) -- The European Union (EU) and Balkan countries are seeking to further cooperation on tackling migrant crisis at a mini summit held here on Sunday.

The extraordinary meeting nike epic react flyknit womens sale , called by EU's chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker, was attended by leaders from Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Germany cheap nike epic react flyknit womens , Greece, Hungary, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia, as well as concerned refugee organizations.

The mini summit came ten days after a full meeting among EU leaders during which they agreed to deepen cooperation with Turkey to stem refugee flow and enhance border control.

The countries of the Western Balkans are facing an unprecedented influx of transiting migrants. From the region, migrants proceed northwest to other EU countries nike epic react flyknit womens , particularly Austria and Germany, where they applied for asylum.

The escalating migrant crisis also continued to pose threats to Europe's passport-free policy. Several frontline countries have threatened to close borders if other European countries stopped accepting migrants.

Juncker called for solidity during an interview with German newspaper Bild published on Sunday, urging member states to stop transferring migrants to neighboring countries. He stressed that refugees were in urgent needs amid more severe weather conditions.

"Today we need dialogue and discussions between Balkan leaders to avoid possible unnecessary misunderstandings in the region," said European Council President Donald Tusk upon his arrival at the meeting.

Tusk said that from the very outset of this crisis he had underlined the importance of protecting EU's external borders, adding that he was "satisfied today that there is a shared view amongst us that the priority must be to protect our external borders".

"I am fully aware of course that this is not simply because of my arguments, but more as a result of the very dramatic and serious developments on our borders. This is why today's meeting is very important Men's Nike Epic React Flyknit Grey White ," Tusk said.

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