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HAVANA Davis Webb Jersey , Oct. 3 (Xinhua) -- Two Cuban archers specializing in the recurve bow, Rosangel Sains (female) and Erney Alfonso (male), will compete in the Youth World Championship to be held in Wuxi, China from Oct. 13 to 20 Dalvin Tomlinson Jersey , the official sports news website Jit said Thursday.

Jit cited the sport's national commissioner, Angel Sanchez, as saying both promising athletes could potentially win medals for Cuba, though the competition marks the first time they compete in a world event.

"They are two of our best cadet athletes and can perform well Evan Engram Jersey , "Sanchez said.

He underscored the fact that Cuba's participation in the competition is the result of an international program to promote archery in Latin American countries.

"We have been included in the program by World Archery since last year," Sanchez said, adding top experts from the organization have already offered three workshops geared toward junior archers.

Sains and Alfonso's main mission is to ensure Cuba advances enough to attend next year's Olympic Youth Games in Nanjing, China Will Hernandez Jersey , said Sanchez.

To achieve that goal, both archers must finish among the top 17 in the Olympic rounds, in their respective divisions.

The two Cubans, led by Coach Eduardo Lara Saquon Barkley Jersey , are scheduled to travel to China Oct. 8 to have time to adapt to the time change.

According to the official site of the Youth World Championship, about 700 archers from more than 50 countries and regions will be competing in the event, including compound bow archers.

Create Database in Sql Server 2005, Database Statements

Author: Anuj Tripathi

Following is the full syntax used for creating database in Sql Server 2005.


CREATE DATABASE database_name

[ ON [ PRIMARY ]脗聽 [ <脗聽 filespec >] ]

{ LOG ON [ < filespec > ] ]

< filespec > : : =

( [ NAME = logical_file_name  New York Giants Hats , ]

FILENAME = 'os_file_name'

[ , SIZE = size ]

[ , MAXSIZE = { max_size | UNLIMITED } ]

[ , FILEGROWTH = growth_increment ] ) [  New York Giants T-Shirts ,.... n ]

Description ::-

ON specifies the disk file used to store the data portion of the database.

LOG ON specifies the disk files used to store log files.

FILENAME=os_file_name specifies the operating-system file name for the file.

PRIMARY specifies the associated list that defines files in the primary filegroup.

NAME=logical_file_name specifies the logical name for the file.

MAXSIZE=max_size specifies the maxium size to which the file defined in the list can grow.

FILEGROWTH=growth_increment specifies the growth increment of the file defined in the list.

Remember - " FILEGROWTH setting for a file cannot exceed the MAXSIZE setting"

NOTE : Everything written between [ ] is optional .

But remeber that to create a database you must be a member of the dbcreator server role.

After a database is created, to check details of the database use following command :

sp_helpdb [ database_name ]

To drop a user defined database use following command:

DROP DATABASE database_name

Note: you cannot delete a system-defined database.

To rename a user-defined database use :

sp_renamedb old_database_name , new_database_name

Fortunately you can also create a database by a right click on the object explorer, Thanks to SQL SERVER Management studio 2005.

SQL SERVER 2005 contains the following system database :



If u have any query feel free to ask. If u like this post  New York Giants Hoodie , rate & comment it.


Anuj Tripathi

Article Source: Link

About the Author:

Anuj Tripathi

Success comes to those who dares

I am a Computer Engineer, right now I am working as a software Engineer

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