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Some 60 percent of respondents believe that Internet fraud is the biggest threat to cyber security Authentic Nico Hischier Jersey , followed by Internet virus and private information leaks, a Global Times poll revealed on Monday.

The poll, conducted by the Global Times Global Poll Center via telephone interviews and online survey from Friday to Sunday, collected responses from 1,357 residents in seven major cities including Beijing Taylor Hall Jersey , Shanghai and Chengdu.

It was conducted during China's first Cyber Security Week, which fell on the last week of November. The event, jointly organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Education and several other departments, aimed at helping the public better understand Internet security risks.

Only 35 percent believe that the cyberspace is safe Will Butcher Jersey , while some 36 percent said cyber security only remains acceptable. Less than 20 percent said it was unsafe, and about 10 percent were uncertain.

But the poll also found that nearly 70 percent of respondents said they have not suffered from cyber security risks, and 80 percent said they never bought any online rumors.

Internet fraud has long been one of the major cyber security concerns, but is difficult to curb due to high costs and lack of an identification system of Internet users, experts said.

"Cheating on netizens costs very little but is difficult for police to track down Nico Hischier Jersey ," Huang Chengqing, vice president of China's Internet Society, told the Global Times.

Most residents cited Internet fraud as the biggest threat because it usually results in financial loss, Fang Binxing, the former president of the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications New Jersey Devils T-Shirts , told the Global Times.

Both Huang and Fang suggested that the country should introduce electronic identity cards. Online shopping platforms and banks should have all the information secured and registered with the authorities.

Tang Lan, an information security expert with the China Institute for Contemporary International Relations, said that China's overall Internet environment has improved due to government crackdown on illegal behaviors, such as a ban on online rumors.

But China's cyber security continues to face serious challenges as the majority of Internet users are not aware of the risks, such as privacy leaks and attacks to websites New Jersey Devils Hoodie , said Huang.

The poll also found that over 30 percent of respondents said supervisory departments, online content providers and Internet service operators should equally be responsible in guaranteeing cyber security.

China has the world's largest Internet population of over 600 million, representing about half of the country's population, according to China Radio International.

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