Author Topic: How Can Adjust the One-off Air Pressure of Rotary Kiln?  (Read 483 times)


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How Can Adjust the One-off Air Pressure of Rotary Kiln?
« on: October 27, 2018, 04:10:07 AM »

The Aggregate Crushing Solution has great influence on the running efficiency and
product quality of rotary kiln. At present, the various air flue burners all
need sufficient one-off air pressure to make sure the one-off air has relatively
high outlet air speed which is conducive to the mixing of the coal powder s and
the one-off air and to the absorption of the second-time air and form recycling
flame. The higher the one-off air pressure is, the bigger the resistance that
the blower needs to overcome will be, which has higher requirement for the
performance of the blower and the electricity consumed by the blower will be
higher, so that it is necessary to reasonably adjust the one-off air

No matter what type of blower, change the air amount, the air pressure will
be changed. As for the question of how to coordinate them both, we need to not
only be careful when choosing the suitable type of blower, take full
consideration on the types of raw coal and the stability of the coal sources and
the output and size of the kiln, but have a good knowledge on the relationship
of one-off air amount and air pressure in the detailed operation and adjustment

The adjustment principle of the one-off air pressure is that the one-off air
amount is not high and the change of the one-off air pressure is not great. As
for this requirement, using frequency conversion technology control motor and
adjusting the air speed through the frequency conversion are the most
reasonable, which not only is energy saving, but has few changes on the property
curve of the blower.

At present the most widely used method for adjusting the air amount is that
using inlet air door to control the centrifugal fan and outlet air to control
the Roots blower. The result of this control is that while the air amount is
changed, the change of the air pressure will be greater. In the practice, even
though the value on the one-off draft indicator can remain unchanged, this value
only means that the static pressure stays the same, the dynamic pressure of the
gas greatly drops with the decreasing of the air amount, which means, the
one-off air speed which brings power to the flame decreases and the burning
speed of the coal powers will slow down. For this reason, though using frequency
changer will increase the one-off investment, it will bring high benefits.