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Starting and Stopping Sequence of the Magnetic Separator
« on: November 27, 2018, 03:00:37 AM »

Crusher For Minings, as a kind of strong magnetic device, is widely applied in many industries. There are something worth our attention about the starting and stopping of the machine:

1. First, conduct a comprehensive inspection to the equipment before starting it and find the reason of last failure. If the equipment stops because there is something wrong with the machine itself, we should solve the malfunction first before restarting it. If there is nothing wrong with the machine, we should turn the transmission device several rounds by hand. If it turns flexibly and without being stuck, that means the transmission device is in good condition. If not, we should check the machine and solve the problem.

2. Be excited if the machine functions well. Pay attention not to excite it to the required degree at one time, instead we should improve it step by step. There are there prohibitions here: 1. Start the machine before feeding water. 2. Be excited before starting the machine. 3. Start the machine with load. We could feed materials when the machine and excitation function normally. Pay attention to that wood slag is not allowed in the cylinder. The materials should be smaller than the gap between gears. The strongly magnetic materials are not allowed to enter the machine. Feeding should be even and continuous.

3. The valves of all pipes should be open before starting the machine. Observe if water nozzle is jammed. Check the hydraulic pressure gauge and ensure that the pressure values meet the specified requirements. Then open cooling water pipe and all oil valves before the starting oil pump. After the starting of oil pump, check if the oil pressure is normal and if there is oil leakage phenomenon.

We can see from above, the sequence of starting is: overall checking – water feeding – starting lubricating oil pump - starting the coil cooling oil pump - starting the host – excitation – feeding ore. The machine stopping can be divided into two kinds: normal stopping and accidental stopping. River sand magnetic separator should be stopped after cleaning up materials inside. The stopping sequence is opposite to its starting sequence.