Author Topic: Five Factors Affect the Production of Jaw Crusher  (Read 135 times)


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Five Factors Affect the Production of Jaw Crusher
« on: January 17, 2019, 07:19:08 AM »

<p>  This article is mainly about the key factors affect the production of Ghana Gold Crusher .  Generally speaking, there are a lot of factors affecting the production capacity  of jaw crusher, roughly speaking, five key factors. Now I will cover the five  key factors and offer some solutions for them.</p>

<p>  Material Humidity: When the  material humidity is higher, the material will adhere to the inner wall of jaw  crusher easily, meanwhile, the blocking will be caused easily during the process  of discharging and transportation, which will decrease the sand making  production of jaw crusher. In order to solve this problem, the material humidity  shall be controlled strictly. If the material humidity is higher, we can use the  method of sun exposure or air drying to decrease the material humidity.    Material Components: The finer the material is, the more difficult the sand  making process is, so it is easy for the fine material to influence the  transportation of jaw crusher. Therefore, for the finer material, it is better  to sift them in advance. Sifting the fine material out can avoid affecting the  normal operation of jaw crusher.  Material Hardness: The harder the material  is, the more difficult the crushing process is and the more serious the wear on  equipment is. so for hard material, the crusher will have low crushing speed and  ability.  Material Viscosity: The greater the viscosity of material is, the  easier the adhesion is. It is easy for the material with high viscosity to  adhere to the inner wall of jaw crusher. If not cleaned up in time, it will  affect the work efficiency of jaw crusher, even affect the normal operation of  jaw crusher. Therefore, it is better to choose the crushing material with low  viscosity.  Material Fineness: The higher the demand of fineness is (that is  to say, the thinner the material is), the smaller the crushing ability is.  Generally, it is set up depending on the specific requirement.</p>