Author Topic: What are the complete sets of limestone grinding equipment?  (Read 131 times)


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What are the complete sets of limestone grinding equipment?
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The main component of limestone is calcium carbonate, which is an important raw material in industrial production. It is ground into powders of different fineness such as soda powder, double fly powder, three fly powder and four fly powder. It can be used to make glass and plastic. Putty powder, paint, plywood, paint, rubber, ink and other materials are widely used in chemical, building materials, construction, metallurgy, light industry and other fields. There is user consultation: What are the complete sets of equipment for the grinding of limestone? What is the investment cost? This article provides a detailed answer.
What are the complete sets of limestone milling equipment?
China's limestone resources are abundant and distributed throughout the country. Therefore, limestone mill is relatively common, and the treatment process is relatively simple. The general processing flow is crushing, sieving, milling, etc. The equipment used has a jaw crusher. Counter-crusher, Raymond mill, auxiliary equipment include bucket elevator, vibrating feeder, and some dust collectors, pipeline devices, etc. The specific equipment is as follows:
1. Crushing equipment: There are coarse and fine crushing methods for limestone crushing, so two kinds of crushing equipments are used, and the jaw crusher is used for rough breaking treatment. The crushing ratio is large, the deep cavity is broken without dead zone, and the amount of incoming and outgoing materials is large. The equipment is reliable and durable. After coarse crushing, it enters the impact crusher for medium-fine crushing treatment, and the discharge granularity can be adjusted. The finished product has uniform particle size, low energy consumption, small production cost and good fine crushing effect.
2, grinding equipment: grinding equipment can choose Raymond mill, high-pressure micro-grinding, high-strength mill, ultra-fine mill, etc., according to the requirements of the finished product, different milling equipment discharge Different particle size range, vertical design structure, reduced relative footprint, stable performance, environmental protection and energy saving, less equipment failure problems, maintaining efficient and smooth operation.