Author Topic: What should I do with Raymond mill?  (Read 141 times)


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What should I do with Raymond mill?
« on: March 08, 2019, 07:05:10 AM »

What should I do with Raymond Mill? This is a big problem, it is a small problem, and it is also a problem that plagues many users of Raymond mill. SBM machinery answers some questions to new users and old users. However, specific The solution depends on the actual situation.
In general, there are three main reasons for Raymond mill dusting:
First, the damper door is not adjusted well, resulting in uneven feeding volume caused by uneven air volume. The damper size can be adjusted according to the actual situation, so that the air volume can be unobstructed and can be solved. If not, you can call SBM mechanical after-sales service hotline for consultation;
Second, the host feeds too much, forming a layer higher than the grinding ring in the air duct. The grinding roller is difficult to rotate, the material can not be pulverized normally, but the analysis system is not passed, and the air volume of the fan enters the grinding chamber normally. The material that is not pulverized is blown to the feed port, causing the dust to occur; the solution is to clean the residual layer in the air passage, maximize the space in the grinding chamber, reduce the amount of feed, and make the machine run normally;
Third, the blockage of the dust bag will also cause dusting. The reason is that the residual air can not be discharged, circulating inside the Raymond mill, looking for a suitable air outlet, attacking the feed port, exhausting at the feed port, will also bring Some powder, if this happens, please clean the dust bag immediately, you can use the stick to hit the dust box and the dust bag, turn off the main machine, run the fan, clean the powder adhered to the dust collector and turn it on.
According to the feedback from users, SBM machinery finds the root cause of some problems and gradually improves the structure of Raymond mill to make it more practical and durable. It invests money to develop new Raymond mill equipment, which will benefit customers' investment for life.