Author Topic: How to find Raymond mill equipment aging  (Read 48 times)


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How to find Raymond mill equipment aging
« on: April 11, 2019, 05:05:01 AM »

After long-term high-intensity operation, when the certain service life is reached, the corresponding aging equipment of Raymond mill will appear. When encountering related problems, it can generally be repaired, replaced, updated, and properly improved. get on. In this way, we can achieve a very good problem of effectively dealing with the aging of Raymond mills.
According to different degrees of equipment aging, different implementation rescue measures can be taken. In the relative production, we need to repair the equipment according to the practical implementation.
First of all, when dealing with aging Raymond mills, it is necessary to pay attention to the recycling of the basic parts. These basic parts are generally also reliable in use, and can be used for recycling. For parts that are aging, you can choose to replace them if you cannot repair them. According to the different degrees of use, it is necessary to understand the damage of the components and determine the corresponding repair according to the degree of wear of the components.
In the repair can generally be divided into minor repairs, intermediate repairs or overhauls. The repair period of minor repairs is relatively short, and the general cycle is in January, and random repairs are also found.
The main repair is to carry out a large-scale repair and adjustment of the equipment, and to replace the wearing parts in a wide range, and most of the equipment is inspected, repaired and replaced.
Overhaul is mainly for the repair or replacement of the main components of the overall Raymond mill. Generally, the parts that need to be replaced are important parts, which play an important role in the processing of the equipment. Relatively speaking, the time for repairing is half a year or a year, and the general time for overhaul is relatively long, and the investment required is relatively larger.
When dealing with different levels of wear, it is necessary to pay attention to the specific measures specifically adopted by the Raymond mill, and repair according to the correct processing techniques. For the replacement of the replacement, the repair of the repair, timely and effective inspection and taking the correct treatment measures are the key to all production.