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Another favorite is kayaking and canoeing. For canoeing, you can rent a boat from UW for something like runescape gold $7 an hour, and paddle around the arboretum. Another great option is to go to Enatai Beach park in Bellevue rent a canoe or kayak from the people in park and go paddle around the protected wetlands. It is so peaceful and quiet there, you'd never believe you are in the middle of a city. For more serious kayaking,
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Blow some cash and take a trip to the Orcas via float plane.Port Townsend if fun in the summer for a night or two.Rain forest in the Olympics, hot springs in the Olympics.Underground Tour under downtown. That volcano thing south of us, whatcha call it. Mt. Saint Helens.REI has their flagship store in Seattle. They have information on groups to join, books, and probably people who can give you personal accounts of where you can go on the weekend.
Oh yeah and don't forget that elusive mountain at the south end of town. Rain somethin. I hear tell there's a national park down that way. /sarcasm yes I know it's Ranier, it's just that it's so infrequently visible it's like a painting of a mountain instead of the real thingIf you are into vinyards and wine tasting and stuff like that, head west.
These guys have lots of ideas.If you want "sunny", you might take a slightly longer trip out to someplace like Sequim (pronounced skwim). The state park there is a nice place to camp.bainbridge island is beautiful and a hour ferry ride awaysecond the san juan islands   great camping and kayaki
There are some good camping locations and hiking trails along the White River, in the Cascades out by Leavenworth. The town is kinda fun,and it also has some good resources for trails and other activities.Well. where do I even start. Seattle is an outdoor paradise, squared.
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