Author Topic: Ethiopian customer's affirmation of SBM micro-grinding  (Read 52 times)


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Ethiopian customer's affirmation of SBM micro-grinding
« on: June 06, 2019, 05:08:58 AM »
Why don't you hide when you are in the UK? Although March is not a season of harvest, the season of incitement is indeed a season full of vitality. On March 18th, we once again welcomed the vitality of Shanghai SBM Machine Co., Ltd., and Ethiopian customers came to inspect our micro-grinding equipment.
These two friends from other countries are the clients of Xiao Dong, two husband and wife who love each other! Xiao Dong Quanquan is responsible for the investigation. Ethiopian customers want to inspect the limestone mill, which is used to process limestone, which requires a particle size of 2,500 mesh, and a production requirement of 15 tons per day. It uses a ten-hour work system, mainly for the production of glass and multi-domain additive functions. For the customer's needs, there is no problem in processing with SBM's micro-grinding equipment. The main key point is the customer's budget and the requirements for the installation environment.
First, Xiao Dong worked out the production plan according to the customer's needs and the configuration of the technical department Chai manager. Combined with the customer's budget and installation environment, it is necessary to first determine whether several small micro-grinding equipments are needed, or directly adopt large-scale micro-grinding equipment processing, and then choose matching crushers, hoists, conveyors, packaging machines and other supporting facilities. Based on a wide range of conditions, the processing of micro-grinding equipment using HGM100 was unanimously achieved. The HGN100 model can process 300 mesh to 3000 mesh particle size. The 2500 mesh particle size required by the customer is 2 tons per day, which can easily meet the customer's daily production requirement of 15 tons.
The next step is to come, Ethiopian customers have to meet with the HGM100 micro-grinding. First, I visited the production workshop and explained the various components of the micro-grinding mill to let the customer know how the micro-grinding of HGM100 processed the limestone ore into 2500 mesh powder products. Through Xiao Dong’s explanation, the customer has confidence in the processing of 2,500 mesh limestone powder products by SBM's micro-grinding equipment.
In the exhibition hall of SBM processing limestone stone powder machinery equipment, Xiao Dong took the customer not only to visit the micro-grinding mill, but also introduced the Raymond mill, the European version of the coarse grinding machine and various crusher equipment, and analyzed for the customer, Why not use those equipment for major production reasons. After visiting the Calcium Carbonate Plant, Ethiopian customers have more confidence in Shanghai SBM's micro-grinding equipment. During this period, there was such an episode: Xiao Dong took the liberty to ask the customer, the general situation of the mine stone machinery in the country, why should he go to other countries to buy? The customer explained that China is a big country. Although the mechanical technology started late, it has developed rapidly. It is more advanced than the Ethiopian micro-grinding equipment, and the price is more favorable and reasonable. The main thing is that the Chinese are more kind, and everyone is good to talk about it.
When I heard this explanation, everyone was laughing. The post is to let this happy moment of joy freeze through the photos.