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Self-balancing advantage of impact crusher
« on: July 03, 2019, 07:56:30 AM »
During the working process of the impact crusher, the impact of the hammer will change the mass distribution of the rotor, the wear of the hammer and the minerals, the original imbalance caused in the design and manufacturing process, etc., which will cause the counter-shocking machine to be unbalanced. , which causes the equipment to vibrate and reduce the service life of the equipment. The impact crusher is structurally very similar to the automatic balancing device of the centrifugal vibrator and therefore self-balancing. The following is a study and analysis of this self-balancing phenomenon by stellar experts.
The principle of the automatic balancing device of the centrifugal vibrator of the impact crusher is to utilize the automatic centering principle of the rotor. Taking an automatic balancing device with two vibrators as an example, each vibrator can be rotated about a hinge point. In the case of no eccentricity, the vibrators will be arranged in the radial direction under the action of centrifugal inertia, and the vibrator will not be balanced or eccentric. In the case of eccentricity, when operating at an excessive critical speed, the position of the vibrator is far from the center of the vibration, which reduces the original eccentricity, thereby achieving balanced vibration reduction. Operating at subcritical speeds exacerbates the degree of eccentricity and increases the amplitude of the vibrating subsystem, which is detrimental to the system. One of its discs is equivalent to an automatic balancing device with six vibrators. When operating at over-critical speed, the vibrator will reduce the original imbalance, which reduces the vibration of the system, which is extremely beneficial to the system. When operating at subcritical speeds, the automatic deflection of the hammer will cause the hammer system to generate large vibrations. In the design of the impact crusher, it should be in an operating state of excessive critical speed. If it is operated at an excessive critical speed, a large vibration peak (resonance) will occur during start-up and shutdown, so the critical speed value can be determined by a simple experimental device. Therefore, at the time of design, it can operate at an excessive critical speed, which can play the role of automatic balance damping, which also provides a great reference value for how to realize the vibration reduction of the impact crusher rotor system.