Author Topic: Buying bluestone sand making equipment only depends on the price?  (Read 35 times)


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Bluestone is an important sedimentary rock and an important material for sheet metal. It is widely used in various construction fields. With the changes in production, the demand for various fields is diversified, and the application field of bluestone will be wider. The bluestone finished by the bluestone sand making machine has good grain shape, uniform particle size, high finished product value, wide sales, and the same amount of finished products, which can bring higher profits to users.
1. Consumers generally pay attention to price – not reasonable
There are more and more users who buy bluestone sand making equipment, but there is a strange circle. Most people pay attention to the price of the equipment when they buy. The price is too high or too low, which will not cause users' attention. Therefore, most of them They are all concentrated in the middle price. In fact, when buying equipment, the price is not the only evaluation standard, and the price is changed back and forth with the region, supply and demand, etc., so it is not customized and cannot fully reflect the equipment. Performance conditions.
2, depends on the visual evaluation criteria of the equipment - cost
The price is the economic cost paid by the customer when purchasing the goods, and is the performance of the value of the goods. The price is considered when the customer purchases the product, but the price is only one of the factors that measure the equipment, not the only factor. After all, service, quality, technology, are all affecting whether the equipment is worth buying, so the most cost-effective price, the full cost-performance ratio is the performance price ratio, is a ratio between performance and price, usually, in the purchase of bluestone sand making machine In the process, the quality of the goods is good, the price is low, and the cost is high. Therefore, many customers regard cost-effectiveness as an important indicator of purchasing goods.
It is worth noting that the price/performance ratio is not static. The price change is not necessarily caused by the quality change. When the product price changes, it is necessary to find out why it changes. The main reason for the change is whether it is the overall quality, promotion or other reasons. Don't be confused by the price.