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Lithium carbonate is an important industrial material and has a wide range of applications in various fields. There are many lithium carbonate raw materials, and the lithium carbonate process under different production materials is different. As a milling equipment in the field of pneumatic milling, the vertical roller mill is capable of deep processing of ore and enhancing the industrial value of ore in the market.
Lithium carbonate is a lithium compound extracted by processing of spodumene, salt lake brine, sea water, lithium feldspar, lithium mica, etc., and is a main raw material for preparing high-purity lithium compounds and lithium alloys. According to the performance advantages of lithium carbonate, it can be widely used in important industrial fields such as batteries, lubricants, ceramics, glass, and smelting. In the ceramic manufacturing process, adding an appropriate amount of lithium carbonate can not only increase the transparency and increase the wear resistance of the product, but also reduce the expansion coefficient and the melting temperature, thereby reducing fuel consumption and prolonging the life of the furnace. Secondly, lithium carbonate has become more and more popular as a battery material, and is an ideal device for producing a positive electrode material for a lithium ion battery.
Lithium carbonate has a good development in the market, and efficient use of lithium carbonate can promote economic development. The vertical roller mill manufactured by SBM heavy machine is a high-tech equipment, which can deep processing lithium carbonate raw materials, promote the application development of products in the middle and lower reaches, and bring good production benefits to the enterprise. SBM heavy machine model vertical roller mill grinding machine integrates crushing, drying, grinding and conveying. The process flow is simple, the system equipment is small, the structure is compact, and the floor space is small. It is only 50% of the ball mill and can be arranged in the open air. The low construction cost directly reduces the investment cost of the enterprise and is a truly efficient powder production line equipment.