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]Cheap Elandon Roberts Jersey
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RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 19 (Xinhua) -- Following are the results of cycling bmx men's final at the Rio Olympic Games here on Friday:

1. Connor Fields, United States, 34.642

2. Jelle Van Gorkom, Netherlands, 35.316

3. Carlos Alberto Ramirez Yepes, Colombia, 35.517

4. Nicholas Long, United States, 35.522

5. Tory Nyhaug, Canada, 35.674

6. Sam Willoughby, Australia, 36.325

7. Niek Kimmann, Netherlands, 36.579

8. Anthony Dean, Australia,

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Let鈥檚 come straight to the point and list a few points on How to lose weight? This question is so often asked by around 30% of the total population on the globe, and here are a few points that will help the people reduce their pounds.

1. Increasing the Intake of High Fiber Foods: It is almost a certain fact that most of the people around the globe do not take appropriate quantities of fiber in their daily diet. Fibers fasten the process of burning of fats and promote an overall better health. Fruits and leafy vegetables are great sources of fiber.

2. Maintaining a right balance: So many people do not eat when they are hungry and overeat unnecessarily afterwards. This disturbs the proper metabolism and causes fats to accumulate. Moderation is the key, eat before you feel starved and try to eat a little less than the hunger. This has become a very popular answer to How to burn fat fast?

3. how to lose weight by building muscle mass? : Muscles are the most moved parts of the body and therefore they are metabolically very active. The most important thing is that they are more active than the fat tissues. Adding more muscular weight to the body helps reduce weight in two ways Cheap Shaq Mason Jersey , as the calories get burnt during exercise and the lean muscles cause a larger amount of fat to burn even when the body is at rest.

4. Say No to Carbohydrates of Poor Quality before going to bed: Avoid foods that are highly processed like cereals, breads, candies Cheap Kyle Van Noy Jersey , chocolates, snacks and even packed fruits and fruit juices. These foods will cause an increased fat deposit during sleep. Instead of them opt for fresh fruits and vegetables.

5. Increase water Intake: Taking in more water helps the metabolism and digestion which in turn helps the body get rid of sticky substances that deposit as unnecessary fats in the body.

Calorie Shifting: This is an easy answer to the how to burn fat fast? Make a chart of the amount of calories that the body needs every day. With a margin of a few calories prepare a weekly calorie chart in such a fashion that the body takes in different types of calories in different proportion every day. Besides preventing extra calories to add weight to the body, the body itself gets confused due to the irregular pattern. This make the metabolic process faster resulting in greater weight loss.

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