Author Topic: What is an efficient sand making machine? What are the advantages?  (Read 52 times)


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With the increasing demand for sand and gravel in construction sands, cement plant sands, railway construction, garden renovation, etc., the sandstones used in these industries are different due to their own hardness and size. There are also certain changes to the requirements of the sand making machine. This has the appearance of various kinds of sand making equipment that we often have, such as the common type of impact sand making machine, river pebble sand making machine, etc. Can better meet the needs of the market, Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry has launched a high-efficiency sand making machine, its appearance has quickly won the praise and trust of customers!
High-efficiency sand making machine is a relatively advanced sand making machine. The main advanced means that its various parts are processed and manufactured by introducing foreign advanced technology. Its many advantages are the comprehensive hammer of Shanghai SBM Heavy Industry. Type, the strength of the impact crusher, after repeated trials, a new sand making machine researched by the company's experts, its advantage is reliable operation, mainly reflected in its dual oil pump design, in normal use Only one oil pump works. Only when the pressure and flow rate fail to reach the set value, the second unit works, or when the first oil pump fails, the second unit automatically turns on to ensure the normal operation of the host. Secondly, it reduces maintenance. It is made of materials with high wear resistance on the materials used for wearing parts. It also has an easy-to-maintain hydraulic opening device, which will repair and replace the parts inside the crushing chamber. Convenient and fast, reducing downtime, saving time and effort. Finally, it can automatically adjust the size of the discharge port according to the user's demand for product size, so as to meet the needs of different users.