Author Topic: How much is the price of 800 mesh graphite powder vertical roller mill?  (Read 29 times)


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China's natural flake graphite reserves are relatively abundant. Recently, the new energy policy introduced by the state has been fully implemented, and the deep processing project of natural flake graphite will be carried out as a key point. In the next few years, the demand for mobile phones, computers, electric vehicles and electric vehicles will continue to grow. This requires a large number of lithium batteries as the power source. As the negative electrode of lithium batteries, the demand for graphite powder will increase greatly. Bringing opportunities for rapid development of the graphite powder industry. According to the use of graphite powder, graphite powder can be divided into nano graphite powder, colloidal graphite powder, flake graphite powder and vertical roller mill graphite powder. These graphite powders all emit light and heat in their respective fields, which plays an important role in our economic construction. . The selection of high-quality and efficient graphite milling equipment is an important channel to improve efficiency, reduce energy consumption and achieve greater market value. SBM heavy machine graphite vertical roller mill grinding machine is one of the most popular mainstream equipments in the market, and is a deep processing equipment for graphite fine processing.
Graphite powder is a high-quality non-metallic raw material that is deeply loved by the industrial production department. The vertical roller mill grinding machine for processing graphite is a high-quality equipment specially designed for the industry nature and processing demand of SBM heavy machine. With high powder extraction rate and grinding efficiency Fast, energy saving, environmentally friendly production has become the preferred equipment for graphite processing. What is the price of a vertical roller mill mill for processing 800 mesh graphite powder? How is it selected? SBM heavy machine provides one-to-one product service, which will certainly provide more valuable mill products for the majority of powder processing customers. And after sales service.
According to the processing demand of graphite, SBM heavy machine combines the application status of graphite and the production needs of customers. The professionally prepared graphite vertical roller mill is suitable for the production of powder from 325-2500 mesh. The whole set of equipment integrates rolling, grinding and impact. The crushing performance is mainly composed of the main machine, the feeder, the classifier, the blower, the pipeline device, the storage hopper, the electric control system, the collection system, etc. The equipment has a large crushing ratio and high energy utilization rate, and adopts a forced turbine grading system. It is easy to achieve uniform and fine powder quality, and adopts full pulse dust collection system to effectively ensure the dust-free production of the workshop. The dust collection efficiency is over 99%, and according to the production needs of graphite processing customers, SBM heavy machine can be developed. The selection of the vertical roller mill grinding machine for processing 800 mesh graphite powder, the price of the graphite vertical roller mill grinding machine is more scientific and reasonable, and has been favored and praised by the industry.