Author Topic: Metal crusher for crushing advantages of aluminum alloy castings  (Read 20 times)


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The characteristics of high-strength aluminum alloy castings, such as high strength, toughness, strong plasticity, high fatigue resistance and light weight, are constant. Therefore, the recycling equipment must be adapted to these processes, otherwise it is impossible to complete the expected crushing effect. The metal crusher adopts low-speed crushing, its crushing density is small, and the contact speed is slow. It is very suitable for the penetration of high-strength and high-toughness materials, and there will be no high-speed and hard-breaking crushing situation of the same stone crusher on the market. Perfectly avoiding the problem of crushing of aluminum alloy castings such as noise and wear and jamming, the crushing strength of metal crusher at low speed is more than 3 times higher than that of high speed, because the motor and reducer are used to generate speed ratio compression. The spindle rotation not only reduces the power consumption, but also increases the cost of crushing strength. It is especially suitable for aluminum alloy castings with high fatigue resistance. The other is that the metal crusher has no sieve bottom and will not store material. The side will be discharged, because the crushing distance is only 20-30% of the cutterhead. Once it is broken, it can be formed without returning material, unlike the high-speed hammer crushing. The crushing distance of the machine is between 50-70%. If the size is not up to standard, the material will be recycled and broken. Therefore, the metal crusher is used to crush the aluminum alloy castings. The length of the crushing is small, the energy consumption is small, the pollution is less, and the crushing effect is variability. It is the first in the current SBM Cone Crusher type, and its finished product has small impurity, high density, uniform fineness, small size, uniform shape, obvious impurity removal effect, and good separation condition to meet the requirements of aluminum alloy products factory. The requirements for the aluminum alloy concentrate of the furnace have played a decisive role in shortening the melting time, reducing the smelting pollution and energy consumption, improving the purity of the metal waste, and reducing the impurities, directly increasing the selling price and reducing the transportation cost.