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Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea
« on: October 02, 2014, 04:06:46 AM »
Spanish fans vote for the team starting 11 Ticker June 14 morning, Spain, the defending World Cup will usher in the path of the first battle, the opponent will be the World Cup final opponents the Netherlands. Although the South African World Cup with Spain, Iniesta lore overtime to beat the Netherlands, but they lost the first battle in Switzerland. World Cup opener, 'Marca' deliberately starting 11 for Spain to do a vote, the result of excellent performance in the Champions League has no doubt Ramos votes to 150,458 votes to become king, but there is winner in life Torres called the three strikers in the fans support the lowest rate of only 2.1%. Choice goalkeeper, and Casey became a fan favorite, and his vote was FIFA 15 Coins 90.9%, there are 139,074 fans will be the starting goalkeeper position voted for Casey, Manchester United goalkeeper De Gea was 7.7 percent of the vote, Reina In three goalkeeper in the lowest percentage of votes, with only 1.3%. Back line, Ramos in the Champions League semi finals and finals by virtue of the excellent state of the Spanish fans love, there are 150,458 fans cast their votes, and so many votes are allowed to become king of the votes of the votes. Another starting halfback position is Barcelona's Pique, his vote was 17.8%. Were guarding the left and right guard tower by Chelsea and Barcelona Alba.