Author Topic: Utilize a barefoot going fashion by either going barefoot  (Read 1026 times)


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Utilize a barefoot going fashion by either going barefoot
« on: October 06, 2014, 07:50:04 AM »
May be the Nike Free actually the right footwear in order to reproduce barefoot running?nike free run billig.Come on guys this is Nike! They are the ones that shoved that freakin heel in the shoe anyway and completely destroyed the appropriate bio-mechanics of the human body.  We no longer have a running barefoot style with that obnoxious heel! They have not gotten away from it with the Nike Free.  All they did was add a ton of cush and supposedly a great degree of flex.In a recent podcast on Runners Roundtable Podcast, Christopher McDougall, author of “Born to Run”, states that the Nike Free has too much cushioning, still a big heel, and too much arch support. We completely concur with those items as well the need for more flex and a better overall barefoot feel. Nike has been doing the heel thing for 30 years and has every running shoe on the shelf with a heel.

There's no studies in existence in order to returning your statements associated with your back heel padding and overall air max günstig.We haven’t found them. We see everything the other way around.The Nike Free does not appear to offer us that natural feel, but does what Bowerman and everyone since has tried to do and constantly screw up our running so that they can just continue to make money. If you have read Born to Run or ran barefoot you know what it has done to your training. We have experienced a great increase of endurance, comfort, and decreased injury. We want to assist as many people as we can to run better and longer.Back in the 1970s we were competing at the world stage in major distance running events, but since we have drastically gone downhill, all the while injuries to runners have increased. We want the world to go back to the way that they were born to run. 

Utilize a barefoot going fashion by either going barefoot, or perhaps accepting as minimalist of the solution as it can be of your going roshe run sale. We have taken it on to bring the truth about Nike and all other major shoe competitors.  We have almost 20 years of running store management experience as well as great mentors and associates that have even more.  They continue to build our belief in the minimalist running shoe theory.Nike has tried to bring to the market a shoe that would curb this desire for runners to run in a barefoot style shoe, but they missed the greatest component as have everyone else! We need a shoe that is without a heel and helps my foot do what is naturally born to do.We will provide many more posts to help you to learn about what shoes will benefit you the best. Happy running!.