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the best viewing experience of the FIFA World Cup
« on: October 08, 2014, 05:54:49 AM »
 Hattrick hero Llorenc and Dona played goalkeeper for second place in Tahiti in 2013 Spain finished top of Group 2 hosts Italy were made to work in a tight 4 2 victory over Belarus to earn extra hard. In an exciting game, Italy took the lead in the final period behind a strong performance from Gori, who scored two goals on the night. The three teams qualifying action today, along with Switzerland in the semifinals. Spain faces Switzerland, while Italy face Russia. FIFA TV dominated the 2014 International Broadcasting Convention Awards on September 14, bringing home two major industry awards worldwide for his work in broadcast production and distribution of FIFA World Cup.At a brilliant ceremony in Amsterdam, IBC celebrated long commitment period of FIFA TV for distribution and offer the best viewing experience of the FIFA World Cup for fans around the world with its flagship International Honour for Excellence award. Cities Cheap FIFA Coins receive this top price of FIFA TV industry in high company distinct from the entertainment industry, including Oscar winning Hollywood directors James Cameron Titanic and Peter Jackson The Lord of the Rings , the acclaimed documentary of life wild David Attenborough, the  laboratory of cutting edge research in Japanese broadcaster NHK and pioneer audio Dolby.Peter Ray Owen, Chairman of the IBC, the international honor that rewards excellence, according to FIFA TV continues to innovate and engage with its vast global audience. It brings the latest technologies and leading suppliers to deliver unmatched audience.