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People Who Should Have Ginseng
« on: November 24, 2014, 07:19:26 AM »
  A. Alzheimer's patients

  According to the note we have already grasped, ginseng may be used to cure Alzheimer's disease. Usually having ginseng may help to alleviate the disease situation, of course in order to prevent crises before they emerge, teenagers or adults may have ginseng from now on. It is a good choice.

  B. Chemotherapy patients

  Chemotherapy is one key and effective method to cure cancer in nowadays, as we know that it can kill cancer cells. However, it may also result in some side effect such as hair loss and white blood cell damage, so how to solve this problem? Look up some experiments made by foreign specialists, ginseng may also kill the cancer cells and will not damage the white blood cells. Therefore it is good for cancer patients to have more ginsengs.

  Cancer patients may have more ginsenoside tablets, ginseng water, ginseng tea, ginseng extract and ginseng oil if they feel sick on stomach. Besides this, the wood grown ginseng, wild ginseng soup or transplanted ginseng will also take their special effects.

  C. Radiologist

  The radiologist working in X-ray examination room may be influenced for a long-time work. Ginseng has the function of anti-radiation, so the radiologist should eat more ginsengs in the daily time.

  Not only the radiologist, the related person such like nurses and sickmen, they all should have some more ginseng as the prevention.

  D. People who want to be young and beautiful

  People who are accustomed to eating ginseng will be in a high spirits and look very young.

  When autumn comes, Mr Zhang, the pre-governor of Changbai County, buys 30kg fresh ginseng every year and eat every day. Now he is already 70 years old but still look like 50 years old. It is ginseng that let him be 20 years younger than other contemporary.

  E. People in sub-health

  What is so-called “sub-health”? It refers to the health situation between healthy and sick. Nowadays, as the compete pressure is too much for us, we have many persons in this situation. According to conservative estimate, there are more than 2 billions of people all around the world that are not very healthy. Of course, they need ginseng at this time, it is not exaggerated if you insist having ginseng for 2-3 years, you will absolutely get rid of this unhealthy body condition.

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