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Earl Thomas III Jersey which youll
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As a Starcraft 2 online gamer Kam Chancellor Jersey , map familiarity and your enemy’s standings should heavily influence the decisions you make over the course of the match. When your enemy is in a higher ranked position than you, stay very alert in the rush phase of the game – early on, he’ll be looking to enforce high pressure tactics. In a Terran vs Terran game, it is especially important to evaluate these elements because they will help you quickly understand what strategy your enemy is using. In this Starcraft Terran strategy, I give more ideas on how you can execute effective build orders, break down his defenses, and more.

The first step is to buy time in order to fully construct your buildings. You can do this by quickly producing Barracks and pumping out Marines which will enable you to fight off any early invasion. Next, it is best to build a Factory and another Refinery so you can produce Marauders and Hellions. Your Hellions are fast and should be used to terrorize the Terran enemy. Make sure you send these units off to respond to your enemy’s rush Malcolm Smith Jersey , or launch a preemptive strike on his base.

Keep in mind that your base is wide open if you choose to rush with Hellions and Marauders. In order to defend your base, you will have to amass an army of Marines and Marauders. Then prepare for the mid-game with anti-air fighters, as they will give you a great chance to ultimately win the game.

Siege Tanks + Marauders
With this first mid-game strategy, I would suggest using Siege Tanks with Marauders to aggressively attack your enemy. In order to stay aggressive, continue producing Tanks, which will build up your heavy artillery and give you more options when it comes to expansion. Be aware of the fact that in order for you to pull all this off, you need to put your SCVs to work on mining Vespene Gas from your refineries, as well as building new ones.

Banshees + Vikings
Another great way to topple your enemy’s base is with the use of Banshees and Vikings. In this strategy Richard Sherman Jersey , you want to claim total control over the air by building up a large pack of units and sending in quick but dense air-raids. If there are any anti-air units on his end, be sure to take those out first and then move onto the enemy’s base. Once you’ve established a stronghold, your Vikings will have the opportunity to clear out any remaining SCVs.

As a final caution, make sure your base and the health of its economy is well defended with Missile Turrets, Banshees, and Vikings. If you’re enemy is sending in Vikings to attack your base, you’ll want to position your Missile Turrets around the perimeter and draw them in. Once he’s convinced you’ve left your base wide open, his Vikings are virtually useless against air attack and you can then send in the Banshees and Vikings to break down his offensive.

You can learn even more about Terran Strategy Starcraft 2 on our gaming tips blog.

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