Author Topic: Special Gold Ore Jaw Crusher Safe And Reliable in Finland  (Read 481 times)


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Special Gold Ore Jaw Crusher Safe And Reliable in Finland
« on: January 22, 2015, 02:16:19 AM »
Crusher industry is the main branch , innovation and development of mining machinery industry is particularly important, the biggest problem of the existence of the crusher industry is the lack of their own brands, equipment design and research capabilities are very lacking. The fundamental reason is that business development is not very mature, there is not enough money to invest in research equipment to rely on foreign countries to improve the design and research .
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Lei Chang people based on their own over the years , conscientious , and always strictly " integrity ," and " realistic" , to " innovation " and continuing "Endeavour ." In order to create excellent "Zenith quality" , we are still unremitting efforts !
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Jaw Crusher from birth to the present, is still widely used crusher equipment , because of its easy maintenance , robust models to handle large size range , long life and other advantages, the traditional jaw crusher equipment is generally applicable to coarse broken material , but Shanghai Zenith, according to the growing needs of customers , the production equipment, crushing, crushing apply , complete model . Twenty -year-old enterprise , worthy of trust.Shim adjustment. This is done in the thrust plate holder after adjusting plate into a group , or when changing the thickness of the pad trees after the thrust plate forward or push, can reach the discharge opening width adjustment purposes . This adjustment is simple structure , compact, and increase overall quality of small, therefore large and medium-sized jaw crusher plant using such a device . The disadvantage is that you must stop when adjusting .