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Chinese wood industry market analysis
« on: January 22, 2015, 09:14:24 AM »
 Chinese wood industry market analysis

Given the rapid pace of development of Chinese wood plastic panel industry, it is necessary to open up new markets for. Chinese wood industry recently has been significant progress in the development of new products, Chinese enterprises progress in mold design and machining areas especially. In the mold design, Chinese enterprises shows in a very short time a very high attainments. China waterproof decking cost in comparison to other countries, has a great advantage.

Innovative European countries mainly in the development of new materials, and Chinese wood enterprises emphasis on process improvements. US companies may be a problem in certain areas to strengthen the innovation, this is China and India, and even talk to some extent provided a good opportunity for some European countries. European companies are very successful in innovation, the development of high-precision applications is not available elsewhere. But the challenge launched by China is causing growing European WPC manufacturers concerns.
Environmental standards are more stringent European markets, such as the mix does not allow the use of wood pvc, while in China it is very common, and require the use of wood from sustainable forestry sources. One manager said the Chinese WPC industry, government research WPC provides support. Technology-related patents in China's major universities and companies have more than 600 applications....,

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