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Nuke Nine plans regular updates
« on: March 12, 2015, 08:26:43 AM »
ApotheonDeveloper: Alien TrapPublisher: Alien TrapRelease date: January 2015Link: Official site Apotheon is an action platformer that mimics the style of Greek red-figure vase painting. It's a beautiful look but it's not just the artistry that makes Apotheon intriguing. It's being made by Alien Trap, the developer of Capsized. That game was a physics playground dressed up like a sci-fi adventure. While Apotheon won't have a jetpack, it seems to utilising a similar physicality in its combat and platforming.BlackholeDeveloper: FiolaSoft StudioPublisher: PlaymanRelease date: TBA 2015Link: Official site This 2D futuristic platformer is set inside a black hole, which luckily happens to contain a habitable gw2 gold  world and not a crushing, deadly singularity. You play as the coffee guy on board the crashed spaceship who must repair his vessel, escape the black hole and then close it to save Earth. This will involve lots of puzzles that let you manipulate gravity to walk on walls and ceilings. Think of it as a slower, thinkier VVVVVV.ChasmDeveloper: Discord GamesPublisher: Discord GamesRelease date: TBA 2015Link: Official link Kickstarter-funded, procedurally generated Metroidvania adventures in a hack ‘n slash setting full of skellies, tombs, mummies and traps, all rendered in adorable pixel art. Custom gear and weapon adds some persistence to your spelunking, and you'll find additional challenge in time trial and “hardcore” modes.VaganteDeveloper: Nuke NinePublisher: Nuke NineRelease date: 2015Link: Official site Roguelike Vagante landed on Steam Early Access in December 2014, and at first blush it looks more than a little like Spelunky. It's a 2D platformer, but clearly more actiony than Mossmouth's gold standard roguelike. Vagante launched in alpha, but Nuke Nine plans regular updates and, at some point, online multiplayer.Deputy DangleDeveloper: Trinary StudiosPublisher: Trinary StudiosRelease date: Q4 2015Link: Official Site A physics based police-em-up, Deputy Dangle is a game about stopping an evil granny in a comic book style, 3D world. Each limb is controlled with a different button, and it's your job to wobble and fling Deputy Dangle through the world to do his job. It is currently on Kickstarter and aims to be completed by the end of 2015 PUZZLEOur brains are keen to take on the twisted brain-teasers of The Witness and Quadrilateral Cowboy this year, and the addictive Mini Metro is sure to swallow up more hours than we'd readily admit.Quadrilateral CowboyDeveloper: Blendo GamesPublisher: Blendo GamesRelease date: TBA 2015Link: Official site Brendon Chung is the best. He made the brilliant short adventures Gravity Bone and Thirty Flights of Loving, but Quadrilateral Cowboy is a bit different. It's a puzzle heist game that has you hacking building systems to pull off seamless crimes.