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DZSF-520 linear vibrating screen applications
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mud to be processed can be used for skin care. Some will be mechanically pressed into the outer creamy paste, some sieve mud stones and various other synthetic ingredients before use. Some merchants will emphasize 'faithful to the original Jaw Crusher In Turkey
,' the non-doped or processed soil for sale, while others joined in the mud chemicals, lubricants, plant extracts or additional minerals to strengthen its clean natural function.
mud flow in the drilling process and line screen work efficiency in a very important parameter. It is not only with mud and ability to carry cuttings suspension, wash well, mud losses and transmission hydrodynamic closely related; but also in the field logging process, judgment kicks, lost circulation is an important index; another decided straight important factor screening performance parameters of the design and operating conditions. Therefore, the mud flow in real-time monitoring during drilling, logging process and linear vibrating screen design and adapt its working conditions and other aspects of a very important practical significance. Slurry basic parameters: mud density measurements (1) density measurement principles: Coriolis force sensor using resonant direct mass flow meters, and gives it two parameters: mud mud density and mass flow rate, its basic structure, such as shown, which consists of two U-shaped metal tube type sensitive detection head, so each one electromagnetic oscillator and magnetic position sensors and other components. It works when you use it to access the mud export pipeline, from the fluid into the mud at the entrance to a uniform flow through each of a U-tube sensitive detector head, and finally converge outflow of the fluid outlet. (2) Resonant Coriolis direct mass flowmeter features resonant Coriolis direct mass flow in addition to direct measurement of fluid mass flow rate, affect the fluid viscosity, density and pressure and other factors outside of the smaller , also has the following characteristics: 1) can simultaneously measure the density of the fluid, naturally, can be calculated by the volume of fluid flow; can be calculated by two - phase liquid (such as oil and water), the proportion of each (including the volume of traffic and mass flow rate as well as their cumulative amount); 2) for signal processing solution, the mass flow rate of all-digital regarded for easy connection to a computer, the distributed computer control system. 3) Working pressure, stable performance, high accuracy, wide operating temperature range, corrosion resistance, long life, real good.
a number of companies at home and abroad, forms of construction chemical industry measurement of resonant Coriolis type direct mass flow meter tube. 2.3.2 mud viscosity measurements (1) The viscosity of the slurry viscosity measurement principle Diao is a non-Newtonian fluid mechanics to characterize mud properties important parameters [Sichuan. For a Newtonian fluid, the shear stress million related to scissors speed / direct proportion relations, in line with Newton's law of friction, the ratio sound (Newtonian fluid dynamic viscosity) at a certain temperature and pressure is constant, rheological characteristic curve (zY curve) is by deformation of the coordinate origin of the straight line, so the resonant frequency of the quartz crystal sensor offset is the natural frequency of the quartz crystal resonator, a function of the measured viscosity of the liquid. When making sensors, quartz wafer once selected, its natural resonant frequency is determined, and proper design, the sensor can achieve a high quartz crystal oscillator stability in the liquid, so that the sensor frequency in a liquid medium partial, it reflects changes in the viscosity of the liquid to be measured.
linear shaker Structure Description
The screening machine is mainly composed of screen box, screen frame, screen, vibration motor, motor pedestal, damping spring, and so on.
1, screen box: the number of different thickness steel plates welded together, have a certain strength and stiffness, it is a major component of the screening machine.
2, the screen frame: pine or deformation of the timber is made smaller, mainly used to keep the screen flat to normal screening.
3, Screen: low carbon steel, brass, bronze, stainless steel wire mesh and several species Nigeria Best Stone Crusher Plant Supplier.
4, the vibration motor (using the method described in vibration motor repair instructions).
5, motor pedestal: Install vibration motor, before using the connection screws must be tight, especially in the first three days of the new screening machine to try to be repeatedly tightened, so as not to loose causing the accident.
6, damping spring: to prevent vibration transmitted to the ground, while supporting the full weight of the screen box, during installation, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground.
7, Stand: the four pillars and two channel composition, supporting screen box, when mounting posts must be perpendicular to the ground, the two pillars of the following channels should be parallel to each other.