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degrees to the within Buy FIFA Coins
« on: December 25, 2015, 07:35:51 AM »
In Fifa 16 Money, the goalie who are greatly improved, the players found that in general, with the previous technique is not easy to shot, but in this to be a new addition to  FIFA 16 Coins stop shot, shot with this stunt can improve the scoring rate, In addition there may also be some other small means, to introduce the using.

We can look on the operating instructions, LT + X is actually Flair shot, Traditional Chinese translation of what looks like it's shot stunt, flair mean talent, talent, FM has such an attribute on the players to make beautiful, unexpected action Ability. So I think while using LT + X with a flair shot can kick a sensational goal. Test by a several games also felt LT + A shooting success rate really does increase, but also into precisely how some before a ball is not into. Harvey had been towards restricted line inclined forty-five degrees to the within the far post to rating, Messi had his flag to the goal, cut inside the suitable lateral, hanging dead from beyond the area long-range goal. And other single-pole or perhaps a good opportunity to employ this method to scoring rate also increased significantly. So, I guess this way you'll be able to solve the goalkeeper turns into strong good scoring problems. Additional conditions may media LT + X will appear as loaded as your RB A + to force a trial, but the probability is low, it is not crystal clear that appears.

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