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Shaker routine maintenance
« on: December 26, 2015, 05:04:24 AM »

a shaker shaker normal maintenance and repair need to be put into use after the necessary routine maintenance and periodic maintenance of the power plant was not is - vibration motor and exciter bearing lubrication.

1, screening machinery, grease vibration motor or exciter bearing both corrosion resistance Stone Crusher In Rajasthan, which is valid for grease should be replaced with a new grade after cleaning the corresponding three months. 2, the shaker screen machines air vent should be kept open. To facilitate cooling and to prevent oil leakage. 3, screen machine during normal operation, the motor or exciter bearing temperature does not exceed 75 degrees; new exciter has a running-in process, the temperature may be slightly higher, but after eight hours, the temperature should stabilize, and shall thoroughly investigate the cause and processed. 4. When the screening machine, poor working conditions, if a lot of dust, high temperatures, etc., should be appropriate to shorten the replacement cycle of grease. 5, when the drive means for the general screening machine drive motor to drive the exciter indirect form through the coupling, the coupling needs to be replaced, should be on the positive, the work should be carried out 48 hours after the replacement is complete as far as possible, and then to re-tighten all Firmware readjust tightening again Stone Crusher In Maharashtra.

6, the drive motor through the coupling device is a common form of indirect drive, when sifter 250-300 hours of operation shall be to replace the exciter grease. After a day working time is not more than eight hours of the exciter, should be replaced once every month -10 new grease, to work more than 8 hours a day exciter, 5-6 months to replace a new grease should be every. 7, vibration motor and general motor maintenance and repair shall comply with the requirements of the relevant standards and instructions for use. 8, vibration motor or the connecting bolts exciter and screen box of high-strength bolts, for some reason need to replace the motor or vibration exciter, not allowed to use ordinary bolts instead.